Cats and a dog poisoned in Folignano: cut to find the author – Chronicle

A cat (archive photo Dire)

Folignano (Ascoli Piceno), 10 February 2021 – Human cowardice has no limits. In fact, in recent weeks some poisoned meatballs they killed some kittens of the colony of Piane di Morro, in the municipality of Folignano, in addition to doggie Fox. An absurd story, which has sent the Ascoli section of the ‘League for the abolition of hunting‘, which has decided to offer a reward of 500 euros to those who will allow the perpetrator of the gesture to be identified and reported (you can contact 328-8880553).

“The manager of a small feline colony, regularly registered in the Municipality of Folignano and Asur, had a few months ago undertaken with us the sterilization of some cats – he explains Sabrina Simonetti, manager of the Lac of Ascoli -, when a few weeks ago he noticed a female, usually unapproachable, approaching her dying as if in search of help. Despite the immediate help, the animal unfortunately died immediately, directing the veterinarian towards an accident. Instead, in the following days, the bitter discovery: several animals seemed to have disappeared and after numerous searches by the residents, together with the zoophile bodies of two other kittens who had not had a chance. A few days later, poor Fox, a very nice dog loved by all, while walking in the green area adjacent to the condominium in Viale Venezia was seized by an irreversible illness, dying in a few minutes under the shocked eyes of the owners who did not even have the time of a veterinary consultation. Our zoophile guards have again alerted the authorities, in particular the forest police who have carried out an inspection with the canine unit, which for now has not given results “.

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