Delta variant carries higher risk of death

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on two studies that analyze the lethality of the delta variant of the coronavirus, carried out in China and Canada, which warn of a risk of death greater than 100 percent. The Canadian study indicates that the health risks after the spread of the delta variant are significantly higher … Read more

Mass extinction of flamingos in Turkey

It is a sight of the horror that was recently presented to an animal filmmaker in Turkey. With a drone he filmed aerial photos of dead flamingos as far as the eye could see. The dead animals lay on the bottom of the dried up lake Tuz Gölü. Authorities have investigated the case and say … Read more

A pearl of the quarry leaves the FC Barcelona

26/07/2021 Act. a las 15:25 HONOR Iker Bravo leaves Barcelona. The 16-year-old striker has decided to end his career at the Barça club and embark on a new path away from the Ciutat Esportiva. Iker no longer attended the first training session of youth B, the team that Barça had assigned him, nor will he … Read more

Review of “77 days” – Trump on diving station

– Trump on diving station Star author Michael Wolff tells grippingly about the 77 days between Donald Trump’s defeat and Joe Biden’s swearing-in. It becomes clear why America is still on the brink. Matthias Kolb Published: 07/26/2021, 11:32 am Trump demanded “submission and adulation”: The then US President in the rose garden in front of … Read more

Germany is considering restrictions on not being vaccinated against Covid

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff stated that the number of new cases of coronavirus in Germany can to increase to 100,000 per day for about two monthsunless a lot more people are not vaccinated and those those who refuse may face restrictions, reports Reuters. His proposal quickly met with opposition from several senior politicians, … Read more

Video: Just a few seconds and he was gone. A massive landslide destroyed the bridge

A total of 11 people traveled in the car, two people escaped with only injuries. Passers also suffered, the ANI agency reported, referring to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). Boulders rolling downhill caused the nearby bridge to collapse and damaged several cars. Several roads have been blocked, according to Reuters. West Indies have been hit … Read more