Corona test positive: worries, fears, symptoms: This is how it is for two Flensburg residents with Corona

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Reader forum for the BM election: On the trail of Schiller and a mega-trend – Marbach

At the end, exercise was the order of the day. The task was to conjure up the dance to the song “Jerusalema” while observing the minimum distance – this has been moving people all over the world for months. And in euphoria, because Jerusalem is a place of joy and happiness, where there are no … Read more

I have a horse in me

With “But it will rain”, the second volume of Clarice Lispector’s “Complete Stories” appears in German By Michi Strausfeld Discussed books / references Last December, Clarice Lispector received great acclaim in many media for her 100th birthday: she was the Brazilian Virginia Woolf, a feminist icon, so important for the renewal of Latin American narrative … Read more

Dlf Culture

Correspondents reportHow is inclusion going elsewhere? In private schools in Egypt, children with disabilities are integrated quite normally. In Russia there is a lack of money and personnel for systematic inclusion. Students who need support in the USA always have an extra faculty. Almost a year of pandemicCan someone comfort us? Ever new restrictions in … Read more

A reading book as an introduction to Arno Schmidt’s novel “Zettel’s Traum”

Arno Schmidt’s great novel “Zettel’s Traum” is a literary myth. A cult book, famous, often mentioned, hardly read. In 1970 the work was published as a facsimile of the typescript in DinA3 format, because at that time the author’s ideas could not be implemented in letterpress. Schmidt himself, the misanthropist he was, reckoned with at … Read more

Deutschlandradio – home page

German Radio Prize 2020 Deutschlandfunk received two prizes Deutschlandfunk received awards in two categories at the German Radio Prize 2020: Philipp May received the award for the “Best Interview”, Anh Tran is the “Best Newcomer”. Current Opus Klassik Awards 2020 After numerous nominations: four awards for productions with the participation of Deutschlandfunk Kultur and one … Read more

html – Get image to 100% width with text overlay

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Naked Lunch: The Restored Text von William S. Burroughs. Bücher

Reedited by Burroughs scholar Barry Miles and Burroughs’ longtime editor James Grauerholz, “Naked Lunch: The Restored Text” includes many editorial corrections to errors present in previous editions, and incorporates Burroughs’ notes on the text, several essays he wrote over the years about the book, and an appendix of 20 percent all-new material.

▷ ontolux: Neofonie founds AI agency for text mining and search

20.01.2021 – 10:21 Neofonie GmbH Berlin (ots) – Das Forschungsteam von Neofonie fokussiert sich neu und agiert ab sofort als eigenständige KI-Agentur ontolux – Die Entwicklung intelligenter, textbasierter Anwendungen steht im Mittelpunkt – Das Thema Suche bekommt neue Relevanz – Projekte u.a. für HUK-COBURG, Bechtle und weitere im Rahmen der SAP-Partnerschaft The Berlin digital agency … Read more