Survey: How Corona is slowing Hamburg’s economy | – news

As of: 01/27/2021 8:06 am The mood in Hamburg’s economy is overall somewhat better than it was in autumn. However, there are major differences in the sectors, as a business survey by the Chamber of Commerce showed. “Our business situation is bad,” says almost all businesses in the entertainment, travel and hospitality sectors. The survey … Read more

Saturday uni: How urgent are climate protection measures and why?

Climate simulations were carried out in numerous research programs up to the end of this century. A distinction is made between the scenarios “continue as before” and “climate protection”, which provides for significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. It becomes clear that the global temperature increase should be limited to 1.5 °. Otherwise there will … Read more

Cybercrime Expert: How Criminals Use Vulnerabilities

Florian Schütz, federal cyber delegate, speaks about the value of a good reputation for cyber criminals and provides insights into the shadowy world of the Internet. Florian Schütz, Federal Delegate for Cyber ​​Security, believes that reputation is extremely important for marketplaces in the Darknet. Karin Hofer / NZZ Cyber ​​attacks on companies are becoming more … Read more

How to maintain passenger loyalty?

Travelers are willing to spend more money for a safer trip During the crisis due to the pandemic, one of the great questions of the airline industry has been how to maintain passenger loyalty. Travelers have had to face major changes in their routines on board the aircraft, such as the permanent use of face … Read more

How hairdressers in Thuringia get through the lockdown

The salon has been closed since December 16. This is how it is for Constanze Stroehl in Volkstedt. The master hairdresser runs her salon in the Rudolstadt district all by herself. Regular customers from the area actually come to the small shop right by the church or Constanze Stroehl makes house calls. There hasn’t been … Read more

Nuremberg: How do you actually find a suitable home?

The search for affordable living space is difficult, especially in metropolitan areas and university towns. abiChat Nrnberg Moving into your first apartment together with great love or would you prefer to meet new friends in a student residence? Those who go to university after leaving school can choose from various types of accommodation. The next … Read more

How “Lord Voldemort” Ralph Fiennes fights depression

Just don’t do nothing! The British actor Ralph Fiennes (“Harry Potter”, “James Bond” or “Gran Budapest Hotel”) has its very own method to fight depression during the corona lockdown. And he always sets himself tasks. “My mental health is such that I have to keep myself busy. If I don’t set myself any tasks, whether … Read more