The world’s top earning actresses, plus Emily Blunt and Angelina Jolie

Audiovisual production continues to grow beyond the limits of cinema. The proposals produced for streaming added strength to an already promising scenario. And, for this reason, between films and series the industry does not stop growing and diversifying, despite the circumstances. In this context there are already several actresses who earn millionaire income and they … Read more

Cobra Kai: this is what Sean Kanan looks like, the actor who played Mike Barnes in Karate Kid | Netflix series | nnda nnlt | SPORTS-PLAY

Updated on 01/27/2021 05:42 pm Sean Kanan is an American actor best remembered for playing Mike Barnes in the movie “Karate Kid III”, AJ Quartermaine in the series “General Hospital”, and Deacon Sharpe in the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” and in “The Young and the Restless ”. In the third installment of … Read more

PHOTOS: London Police dislodge a protest against the UK’s “most costly, wasteful and destructive” railway project

Activists have spent months living in trees and digging an underground tunnel as a defense against eviction. British Police officers have begun to evict participants from a protest against a high-speed rail project. Environmentalists have been camped out in central London for months and have even dug an underground tunnel to protect themselves. The protest … Read more

Venezuelan movie theaters reopen with 2020 movies and dollar tickets

Venezuelan cinemas reopened their doors. At least, the Cines Unidos chain did so this Wednesday, January 27, after the approval given by the government of Nicolás Maduro for the reactivation of cinemas and theaters in the country. The novelty is that the tickets will now have their cost in dollars. A general admission will cost … Read more

Jorge Oñate continues with a reserved forecast | THE UNIVERSAL

The rumors of a supposed brain death of Jorge Oñate took hold on Wednesday morning and were denied this afternoon by the Cesar Cardiovascular Clinic, where the singer is being held in the Respiratory Isolation Room. (You may be interested: Jorge Oñate remains in critical condition in an ICU) In a new medical report, the … Read more

Venezuelan actress Scarlet Ortiz undergoes cosmetic surgery

January 27, 2021 – 15:01 Scarlet Ortiz underwent surgery to have an even slimmer figure. The Venezuelan actress, 47, shared the process through Instagram Scarlet Ortiz she recently underwent cosmetic surgery to have an even slimmer figure. The actress Venezuelan, 47, shared the process through her Instagram account. “I reached a weight where I feel … Read more