Smart City Gera: One million euros each for research institute and digital education | Gera

Smart City Gera: One million euros each for research institute and digital education Updated: 12/7/2021, 5:07 pm | Reading time: 4 minutes Professor Jürgen Müller and working group spokesman Torsten Henkel after the presentation of the alternative action plan for the Smart City Gera. Photo: Peter Michaelis Gera. The Gera city administration proposes a compromise … Read more

The salary question in education subjected to instrumentalisation and fake news by Francis Daspe

SPECIAL OPERATION DONATION CAMPAIGN: THE POLITIS WEBSITE WITH FREE ACCESS. This article is brought to you and all those published during our rescue campaign from November 17th to December 31st. Make it known around you. Now is the time to publicize our journal. Politis must not die! The recent report produced by the Court of … Read more

Established Institute of Functional Intelligent Materials Singapore National University | ASEAN Science and Technology News | SciencePortal ASEAN Communicating the present state of science and technology in ASEAN

A new Institute of Functional Intelligent Materials will be established, led by Professor Konstantin Novoselov, who won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for his research on graphene. AsianScientist -National University of Singapore (NUS) launches the world’s first laboratory specializing in the development of functional intelligent materials, taking smart solutions to new heights. The Functional … Read more

Scholarships and student support measures

By the decree of the head of the administration of the Moscow City State Defense Organization “Syktyvkar” dated 24.09.2014 No. 9/3613 “On the establishment of a scholarship for the head of the administration of the Moscow State Defense Organization” Syktyvkar “in order to increase the prestige of knowledge and stimulate the creative activity of students, … Read more

Oil workers of Messoyakha hold safety lessons for schoolchildren | Education and personnel

The fifth school is located next to the Tyumen office of Messoyakhaneftegaz. Close by are busy intersections, which children cross twice a day. Oil workers have taken the initiative to make school routes as safe as possible. The idea was supported by the Region-Tyumen TV company, which filmed a special edition of the Zebra program, … Read more

Bettina Stark-Watzinger becomes the new Minister for Education and Research: finally impulses!

The new minister has big plans: on her agenda are the digitization of schools, basic funding for universities and federalism, which often acts as a stumbling block. Comment by Armin Himmelrath If you look at the FDP at state level, there is only one Liberal Minister in the whole of Germany in the field of … Read more