where in Minsk to study as a salesperson and cashier controller

This option of obtaining a profession for residents of the Belarusian capital, who are officially registered with the employment service as unemployed, is offered by the Employment Department of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Minsk City Executive Committee. According to the nationwide bank of vacancies, the seller and controller-cashier are … Read more

Practicing lawyers should evaluate legal education

The expert noted that vocational education must meet the requirements of several stakeholders at once: the state, employers and students. She stressed that this cannot be done 100%, so you need to look for a balance. Lavrikova pointed out that employers should be included in the educational process as early as possible and participate in … Read more

National Education will file a complaint after the leak of history-geo and science subjects

The Ministry of National Education announced Thursday to AFP its intention to file a complaint after the escape of subjects from the college patent tests which will take place on Friday. The relief subjects will be used for the history-geography and science tests on Friday due to a “proven leak”, said the ministry, which will … Read more

Education refuses to assume nursery schools

The political debate in the Board on the thorny stabilization of nursery school personnel led this Thursday to the plans of the Principality regarding the assumption of a competence that the municipalities have been exercising for twenty years in an “improper” way. The full opposition has urged the Minister of Education to take charge of … Read more

JUNAEB, through the ICT Scholarship, delivered 90 computers to students from the Lanco district – Diario Lanco

It is about the delivery of a PC to students of 7th basic year of municipal schools and some of private subsidized schools. The Regional Director of the National Board of School Aid and Scholarships JUNAEB, Roberto Giubergia Valderrama, arrived in the city of Lanco, who together with the Director of the Administrative Department of … Read more

Evgeny Kuyvashev told the Ural youth about the student support program

Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev, as part of the celebration of Youth Day, met with students of universities and organizations of secondary vocational education at the discussion session of the All-Russian student project “Your move”. The head of the region announced the preparation of an unprecedented large-scale student support program. Yevgeny Kuyvashev suggested calling the student support … Read more

Solicitation | “Zeng Zhushao Sculpture Art Scholarship” 2022 shortlisted works exhibition solicitation started

1. Purpose of the exhibition “Zeng Zhushao Sculpture Art Scholarship” is named after Mr. Zeng Zhushao, a famous sculpture artist in my country. It is the first scholarship in the history of Chinese sculpture for young students majoring in sculpture in national art colleges and a professional scholarship for sculpture art. From 2008 to the … Read more