Polo Gentien exhibits his blues photos at Callac

By Guingamp editorial staff Published on 27 Jan 21 at 8:01 The setting up of the Blues au Cœur exhibition, at the VerTuOses associative grocery store, took place in good humor for Polo Gentien, helped by Caroline and Madeleine, volunteers of the association. (© L’Echo de l’Argoat) Passionate about photography, lover of blues, Gentien Polo … Read more

Key Anti-epidemic Expectation Fukai Announces Concert Postponed | Pick Up Songs | Taipei Arena

[Epoch Times January 27, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Taiwanese singer Xu Fukai has entered his tenth anniversary of his debut, and was originally scheduled to hold the “Song Song Taipei Arena Concert” on February 20 (Sat). However, due to the CCP’s pneumonia (new crown pneumonia) epidemic, the concert has been postponed today … Read more

#Weighing us? | Freelance musician: “Streaming cannot replace a live concert”

Picture: rbb #Weighing us? | Freelance musician – “Streaming cannot replace a live concert” 01/27/21 | 09:01 am The music scene had high hopes for 2021: But clubs will probably remain closed for a long time, concerts have been postponed indefinitely. The Landesmusikrat advises on the situation of freelance musicians. Winnie Brückner plans as if … Read more

The Rex Duo offers this Sunday a four-hand piano concert at the Eutherpe Hall in León

Duo Rex, composed by Guiomar Ortiz and Pablo Ciria, at the piano. ileon.com | 01/27/2021 – 08:59h. The Rex Duo, created in 2018 by Guiomar Ortiz and Pelayo Ciria, will offer a concert this Sunday, January 31, at the Sala Eutherpe in León. The performance will take place at 6:00 p.m. to adjust to the … Read more

The coworking center of an NGO in the South-Western Administrative District invites you to an online concert of classical music

Tchaikovsky’s music – suite from the ballet Nutcracker and Children’s Album (arranged for cello and piano) – will be performed by Fyodor Amosov (cello). The musician is the winner of the youth competition. Tchaikovsky (Japan), competitions “Concertino Prague” (Czech Republic), them. Knushevitsky (Russia), Cleveland Institute of Music (USA), the best performer of the program of … Read more

The drama “Hotel del Luna” starring IU & Yeo Jin-goo will be made into a musical! Performance in 2022 –Kstyle

写真=SHOW PLAY The 2019 Korean drama “Hotel del Luna” will be a musical. The tvN drama “Hotel del Luna” produced by Studio Dragon will be produced as a musical created in 2022. The production is handled by SHOW PLAY, which produced performances of various genres, from musicals to concerts, and is attracting high expectations. The … Read more

musicians and audience in bubbles

Just a few days from the start of the lockdown, Wayne Coyne, singer of Flaming Lips, he had posted on Instagram a sketch made by hand and divided in two. On the one hand he was portrayed on stage inside the bubble used for his shows in 2019, while for 2020 he imagined that all … Read more