New Lost Arc class, female Devil Hunter’Gunslinger’ added

▲’Gunslinger’, the first female character in the Hunter occupation group (Photo courtesy of Smilegate) Lost Arc had a fixed gender for each occupational group. Many users wanted to add gender by job group, but this kind of wish came true with the addition of a new class’Gunslinger’. The first female class in the Lost Arc … Read more

DMT DMTD3E D3E credit card diamond sharpening stone 83mm extra fine

eBay item number: 164664160323 Seller assumes all responsibility for this item. daetslaH evetS esiR wodaeM 41 enaL esuohkcatS kciwselggiG erihskroY htroN FE0 42DB modgniK detinU : nofeleT12793353770 : liaM-Emoc.liamg@sleinadeojyror Item brand male Item condition: Manufacturer number: DMTD3E Product Type: HAND TOOLS Brand: DMT EAN: 0017042007515 Manufacturer number .: DMTD3E Legal status of the seller Stephen … Read more

Baby carnivorous dinosaurs born with teeth and ‘ready to hunt’, scientists say

Scientists have for the first time found embryonic remains of a group of ferocious meat-eating dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus rex. Key points: An approximately 77 million-year-old jaw, about 3 centimeters long, was unearthed in the U.S. state of Montana A wedge-shaped claw approximately 72 million years old was from the Canadian province of Alberta bones … Read more

Duck farmers ready for action

Breeders from Lot-et-Garonne are protesting against “the health gap imposed by the inter-profession and cooperatives in the department, which prevents 50 families from working”. They say they are ready to take action. Explanations. “50 families prevented from working …” “In Lot-et-Garonne, we have our ass between two chairs …” The image is worth what it … Read more

Schemmerhofen is planning this major investment

The municipal council unanimously approved the 2021 budget, which had already been discussed in December last year. The budget has a total volume of around 30.2 million euros. Kll Slalhokllml eml klo dmego ha Klelahll sllsmoslolo Kmelld sglhllmllolo Emodemil 2021 lhodlhaahs slhhiihsl. Kll Emodemil eml lho Sldmalsgioalo sgo look 30.2 Ahiihgolo Lolg. Khl Elldgomihgdllo ammelo … Read more

Wishes from the elected representatives of the Lannemezan opposition

The elected members of the list “Together ready for Lannemezan” communicate: “Lannemezanaise, Lannemezanais, Threatened or struck for nearly a year by the infinitely small, the coronavirus, we are fighting. This planetary health ordeal, with disastrous economic and social consequences, affects us individually and collectively. From worry to suffering and mourning, we live in states of … Read more

Laroque-d’Olmes: ESL-B supporters will be ready as soon as the restart

The various confinements bring back many memories … such as this photo to underline the formidable epic which led the “blood and gold / green and water” of ES Laroque-Bélesta, first to the supreme regional title and to accession in federal 3, during the 2015-2016 season, and which features the formidable supporters. The club has … Read more