New Kyoto Edition of Chōju Giga Japan Nationwide Tour Series: Official Product of Kozanji Temple

A new Kyoto edition has appeared in the “Chōju Giga Japan Nationwide Tour” series, which is sold as an official product of Kozanji Temple. “Chōjū Giga (Chōju Giga),” a national treasure picture scroll that was drawn during the Heian to Kamakura periods and handed down at Kozanji Temple in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, has motifs … Read more

Highlights from the 2023 Pujiang Innovation Forum Second Female Scientists Summit

This issue of China Business News China Economic Forum presents the exciting content of the “2023 Pujiang Innovation Forum Second Female Scientists Summit”. Yuan Junying, director of the Biology and Chemistry Interdisciplinary Research Center of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Pinxian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and … Read more

Nintendo Partners with Seattle Aquarium to Bring Animal Crossing to Life in New Exhibit

Nintendo has announced a surprising partnership with the Seattle Aquarium to create an Animal Crossing exhibit. The popular franchise, known for its recent success with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, will now come to life in a real-life setting. The exhibit, which will open its doors on October 7, aims to merge the virtual world of … Read more

Dead Calf Rescued from Salzach near Wallnerau Power Plant by Schwarzach Fire Department

Caller reports carcass Animal recovered at the Wallnerau power plant Published: September 23, 2023 1:17 p.m A dead calf was floating in the Salzach near Schwarzach on Saturday morning. The local fire department rescued the animal from the water. It became an animal rescue Schwarzach fire department in Pongau alerted this morning. A caller reported … Read more

Cumulative SNS Followers Exceed 5 Million! New Song “Hikari” and MV Released!

Cumulative SNS followers exceed 5 million! Rinu-san is in charge of the red color of Stoppuri.New song “Light”Along with the distribution release, the music video was also released. MV for new song “Hikari” released! The new song “Hikari” is a song written by “Kanzaki Iori,” who is attracting attention as a Vocaloid P who sings … Read more

World Adopted Dog Day: Promoting Responsible Adoptions and Addressing the Problem of Animal Abandonment

Home Nature This issue is extremely relevant and is closely connected to the persistent problem of animal abandonment. Every year, the September 23is often celebrated as the “World Adopted Dog Day”. Even if this day is not officially recognized by institutions or associations linked to animal protection, it still represents an important opportunity to raise … Read more