Rules for e-scooters in Frankfurt are being tightened significantly

In Frankfurt, the rules for e-scooters will be tightened significantly from spring 2022. This affects the rental companies Tier, Voi, Lime, Bolt and Bird. You are being made more responsible and have agreed with the city on geofencing, among other things. Transport department head Stefan Majer (Bündnis90 / Die Grünen) announced these changes in the … Read more

The jawbone of this marine reptile was formidably effective at capturing large prey

An international team of researchers from Canada, Colombia and Germany have discovered the Fossils … “data-image =” 1 / 19101d2e63_46125_def-fossile-nardino-flickr.jpg “data-url =” “data-more =” Read more “>fossil of a marine animal still unknown until now, but which nevertheless bears a serious resemblance to the Order: Perciformes Suborder: Scombroidei Family: XiphiidaeGender: XiphiasSize: 3.00 to … Read more

Periodontal Disease in the Dog

🔊 Listen to article Image courtesy of: Juliette Plus Evaluation of changes in the oral microbiome that occur in dogs with periodontal disease The oral microbiome of dogs is a complex community. In some circumstances, it contributes to periodontal disease, a prevalent inflammatory disease characterized by a complex interaction between oral microbes and the immune … Read more

What does your dog see on TV?

Credit: MDK572/WIKIPEDIA If for many months of lockdown they have been a stressful time, there is someone who has appreciated the forced intimacy and the long hours in close contact with the family. Our pets: cats who suddenly (according to many owners) seem to have become more affectionate, e dogs who, despite suffering from the … Read more

Police ticker for Weinheim / Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, December 1st, 2021: Weinheim / Rhein-Neckar-Kreis: 14-year-old man bitten by a dog and slightly injured – police are looking for witnesses

Violent crime in Weinheim / Rhein-Neckar-Kreis current: What happened today? Read the local police reports from your region here on every day – today with a current blue light report transmitted by the Mannheim police headquarters. Current police report: violent crime Image: Adobe Stock / Jonathan Stutz Weinheim / Rhein-Neckar-Kreis: 14-year-olds bitten by a … Read more

“The gray dog”, the new detective novel by Yann Le Berre – Briec-de-l’Odet

Briécois for twenty-five years, Yann Le Berre, sixty-year-old passionate about writing since high school years, wishes to share his works with readers. To date, he has written three detective novels with the same main characters. The first “La rouge” was released in 2009. In October 2021, he did it again with “Le chien gris” (Éditions … Read more

Invasive species in Spain | Five animals forbidden as pets that you did not know

The invasive alien species They are species introduced naturally, accidentally or intentionally into an environment that is not their own and that, after a certain time, manage to adapt to it and colonize it. In Spain you are species are listed in the Spanish catalog of invasive alien species which was updated in 2019 by … Read more

Menden: Dogs attack conspecifics and owner: PETA demands dog driving license in North Rhine-Westphalia

Irresponsible dog keeping: According to a media report by the WP, two dogs bit a conspecific and their owner in the Mendener district of Hüingsen last weekend. The 76-year-old was walking with her four-legged friend in the forest when, according to the witness, two large, free-running dogs ran towards them. The two animals, which are … Read more