From grandma’s village to Cambodia. Family Reading Books

On weekends, employees of Moscow libraries talk about children’s books that are interesting to read with the whole family. Tatyana Denisova, Head of Library No. 43 – Cultural Center named after V.Yu. Dragoonsky, recommends the works of Beatrice Potter, Stanislav Vostokov and other authors. Toddlers Peter Rabbit and Friends by Beatrice Potter For the youngest … Read more

Four paws to happiness – Oberberg-Aktuell

Wiehl – The association “Streunerhilfe International” has been campaigning for stray dogs from Eastern Europe for years and giving them a better life – OA paid a visit to the founder and her four-legged friends. By Jan Weber Still a little restrained, but with a beam in her eyes, Amira dares to come closer and … Read more commentator: Can Dogecoin shake the credit logic of traditional currencies?

<!–enpproperty 348477602021-05-16 11:39:16.0光明网评论员:狗狗币可否动摇传统货币的信用逻辑狗狗币,比特币,马斯克,加密货币,信用保证,区块链211273光明网评论员/enpproperty–> 【Reading Tips】“Dogecoin” plummeted by nearly 40% Musk “admitted”: it is a scam Guangming Net commentator:Entering mid-May, the ups and downs of the price of dogecoin dragged this joke-like currency into the horizon of ordinary people. Like Bitcoin, the Dogecoin market has experienced a roller coaster ride due to the intervention of the … Read more

Lunch set ♡ Cute animal donut lunch bag & luncheon mat (40☓60) / reversible lunch bag L & S favorite mail order | Creema Handmade, handmade, craft work sales site

♡ It is a school lunch set that is active every day in elementary school. ♡ A donut with cute animals! Pandas, koalas, rabbits, bears, penguins, and many other rainbow-colored unicorns are drawn. Colorful jelly beans are studded around it. Please find your favorite animal just by looking at it. ♡ The place mat is … Read more