Let’s see what are the infallible natural remedies to prevent dogs from going to the toilet in unwanted places, causing us enormous inconvenience

It can happen that our dogs defecate or urinate in the house, which generates bad smells and dirt. However, it can also happen that other dogs do their business near our front door, or near our garden. In addition to hygienic problems, this also causes nervousness in our animals. In these cases, we can use … Read more

Flood and speed | kurier.at

I open the door again, Daria runs out again – and immediately goes back. This time she whines even more pitifully. Which, I think, means something like: “DO WHAT!” I stand there perplexed. Then I have an idea: I put a raincoat on Daria too (for whom the second maximum sentence, just after food withdrawal). … Read more

impact of COVID-19, market dynamics with key players, regional outlook, revenue and forecast to 2027 – thetfordactu.com

The final report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry. The global ‘Dog Vitamins and Supplements Market’ report offers a comprehensive research study which includes accurate estimates of the growth rate and market size for the forecast period 2021-2026. It offers a broad analysis of the market competition, regional expansion, … Read more

Zhongtong has filed a case for reappearing pet blind box and intends to fine 30,000 yuan|Wuxi City|Suzhou City|Chengdu_Sina Technology_Sina.com

Original title: ZTO’s reappearance of the blind pet box has been filed for investigation and will be fined 30,000 yuan On the evening of May 15th, in response to the incident of “Blind Pet Boxes Found at Suzhou Zhongtong Express Transfer Station”, the Jiangsu Provincial Postal Administration issued a notice stating that it served the … Read more

Terrariums up to the ceiling – care emergency also for pets – Munich

Seppi and Goyo had a beautiful home for many years. But then their owner died unexpectedly, which is why the cats have been orphaned since March. The Munich animal shelter is now promoting the two of them on the Internet as “gentle boys” and is looking for “a quiet home where they can be pampered … Read more

Sud-Gironde: Bastien Campistron, the photographer who tracks the wild animals of our forests

Through Margot Delpech Published on 16 May 21 at 20:26 The Republican South-Gironde Animal photographer in South Gironde, Bastien Campistron travels through the wilderness to immortalize it through his photographs. Bastien Campistron, native Barsac (Gironde), is photographer animal. Manager and technician from Île de Raymond in Rions, nature has entrusted him with many secrets. And … Read more

I want to line up behind …!The Shiba Inu procession that sits and waits for the arrival of friends is too cute | Nico Nico News

I also want to be a member of this. Photos that make you feel like that are becoming a hot topic on Twitter. Shiba Inu one after another during the walk … ??Two Shiba Inu waiting for the arrival of a new Shiba ww (Fu-chan is in the foreground ??) pic.twitter.com/Vjj8ukjZzz — Shiba Inu (@ … Read more