Cat or dog – who is the nation’s darling?

During the pandemic, many people got pets. Galaxus’ sales of pet food and other pet supplies went through the roof. The growth also continues in the post-Covid period: in 2022, customers bought 57 percent more items for their furry companions than in the previous year. Most of them are for cats and dogs – with a four-legged friend clearly having the edge.

Are you a cat or a dog person? In Switzerland, the case is clear: the majority are cat lovers. Almost two million cats live in Switzerland – more than three times as many as dogs.

According to current statistics, there have never been so many cats living in Switzerland in the last few decades as there were in 2022. In the case of dogs, there was a peak in 2014 with 623,000 four-legged friends.

Overall, pets are very popular in Switzerland: the five most popular pets in this country are cats, fish, dogs, reptiles and birds. The animal population is estimated at 3,958,000 members. There are twice as many of their mistresses and masters in Switzerland – namely 8.773 million in 2022.

17 Eiffel Towers fed

Fido, Bella and Nemo have healthy appetites – and gobble up tons of food. 170,000 tons in 2022. This corresponds to the weight of 17 Eiffel Towers. Forecasts state that sales of Sheba, Pedigree & Co will increase by a further 27,000 tons by 2027.

Not surprisingly, sales of pet supplies at Galaxus have increased in recent years. This includes animal feed. In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, sales of pet supplies grew by 236 percent. And in the years that followed, customers continued to order more and more items for their furry, scaly and feathered friends. In 2022 it was 57 percent more than in the previous year.

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Feeding the cat has priority

In 2022, customers most frequently ordered cat food, dog food and feeding bowls from Galaxus. These three product groups also generated the most sales in the pet supplies category last year. What is striking: The ten best-selling items are all for cats or dogs – from cat food to dog toys and litter boxes.

Incidentally, the online retailer achieved the greatest sales growth in the area of ​​animal supplies in 2022 with small animal stable equipment such as hamster running wheels or animal-friendly mouse traps, animal transport articles and dog food.

By the way: animal lovers use the CO2 compensation at Galaxus most often. Almost 20% of all customers who order pet supplies pay for voluntary emissions compensation. More than any other product group. Love for animals and nature seem to go hand in hand.

Do you have a pet and if so, which one🐱 🐹 🐎 🦜 🐢 🐍? What was the last product you bought for your beloved animal? Or can you not do anything with dogs, cats & co?

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