Cat-dog of the week: dog Fantik and dog Shamanka

Fantik loves to play, walk and communicate with people. But Fanya also appreciates a quiet pastime: if the hostess or the owner (or even both) wants to review the Game of Thrones for the third time, Fantik will understand this, accept and even support – of course, until he dozes off. In general, Fantik is a real best friend.

Fanya is five years old, and for a healthy dog ​​like Fantik, this is still quite young. With love and proper care, he will live next to the owners for many more happy years. To make an appointment with Fantik, contact his volunteer Victoria by phone +7 (915) 253-16-42. You can find more information about Fantik on his personal pages on the site of the shelter “Pechatniki”.

A shaman

In your life is not enough, let’s not be afraid of this word, magic? Then you need to become the mistress or owner of the Shamanka! This magical cat will quickly subdue the sofa and fall in love with all the household. She is unobtrusive, but supportive of a person and will quickly become a fluffy keeper of the hearth.

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