Castanet-Tolosan. Catherine and Lucia’s free concerts

The goal of Catherine Labroue and Lucia Vidal is to offer free concerts, in public spaces, in different areas of the city, with amateur groups. They wish to develop outdoor events, open to all, to allow meetings and moments of sharing. These amateur groups are supported in communication and technique during concerts and then are welcomed in a creative residency at the Ferme du Cavalié. Explanations.

For free concerts, how are the participants selected?

The Town Hall has launched a call for applications from amateur musicians from the region. The 10-person jury – sponsored by Jacob Fournel, professional Castanian musician from the Doolin ‘group, and made up of elected officials and town hall officials – selected 10 groups out of 37 applications (artistic quality, amateur practice, diversity of repertoires, personal compositions…) by voting.

Are you satisfied with this first edition moved to the hall on June 24?

Yes, very satisfied! There was a great atmosphere and good attendance (around 160 people). A very varied audience, of all ages and enthusiastic. The group Drop the Curtain, made up of three young Toulouse residents, was very happy to perform in front of an audience and gave a very good concert (pop, rock, song) which lasted more than 1h30.

Will the format change?

The principle of free concerts is to change location each time. The next one will be July 8 in Les Ormes with a very different repertoire from the first concert and a double set (Kéryda group, world music, harp, double bass, mandolin and bass drum and the male quartet a capella singing Les Petits ducs). We are very happy to launch this series of concerts and we feel that the public and the musicians want to take advantage of it after this period of health crisis.

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