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After a busy day, when returning home to rest, picking up a cat and a dog to relieve fatigue seems to have become the most ideal life state. Cute pets always have special magical powers. They exude natural attraction. Sometimes just meeting and seeing is a kind of healing.

In the “True Happy” APP competition area, animals also occupy an important part. Their cute actions amused many netizens, and some people joked that they were “splendid”! Hurry up and use the “Really Happy” APP to play cats together!

Loosen cats and dogs

Animals will always have an unspeakable power, and when people see it, the corners of their mouths will rise unconsciously, as if they have been casted with joyous magic. Dealing with animals in life and encountering animals is considered a kind of fun, adding to the beauty of life alone. Now, these beautiful and interesting things have been shared by netizens on the Internet, triggering a challenge across the Internet to see who encounters more cute and funny animals. This is why some netizens have launched the “Animal Adventures” challenge, setting off a cloud petting animal craze!

In the video shared by netizen Qingqing, going home and playing with his own master can bring it unlimited relaxation and joy. After all, her master is very cooperative, as long as a small tickling stick jumps up and down, grabbing the tickling stick for a while, and wanting to chew on it for a while, coupled with the magical soundtrack of netizens, it can’t be any more fun.

In the video of the netizen “Marshmallow Candy”, a little squirrel is jumping on the fence, with brisk steps, precise movements, lively and cute, so netizens can’t help but reach out to give it bread. Sure enough, the little squirrel was attracted for a second, and his nose stretched out to smell it. What surprised the netizens was that the little squirrel sniffed several times, and seemed to be sure that this was not his favorite food, so he continued his beating journey. This time Jump more rhythm!

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Perhaps encountering cats, dogs, and small squirrels are very common, so how about occasionally encountering red pandas? In the videos of netizens, we saw that the red pandas are super cute. They drag their long tails, climb up and down the ladder, and don’t forget to stop and say hello to the netizens in the middle! I don’t know if it’s the little raccoon you imagined. In short, it’s just not like a giant panda, it has nothing to do with it at all!

Of course, netizens also have real adventures. For example, when I was preparing to cook in the kitchen, I met two fighting mice! The daring netizens are not only not afraid, but they also took a video and shared it on “Really Happiness” to witness this adventure with everyone, and also commented that the two mice are husband and wife, they are big because of the saltiness of the cooking today. Fight!

I was convinced, and I had to admire the netizens’ brain holes and Ah Q. So, what animals did you encounter in the “True Happiness” APP seeking happiness and challenges? It’s better to share it online and let everyone have fun together.

Colorful competitions, exciting, creative, conveying beauty

Seeing these weird ideas, do you really envy these people who can shoot videos? They seem to always have a happy heart, and even lament that they are the real life enjoyment, no matter how bitter life is, You can also find beauty from it.

In the “True Happiness” APP competition area, such beautiful positive energy is everywhere. There are “genderless dressing challenges” and “cross-dressing challenges” related to daily wear, as well as heart-pounding gifts, such as the “blind set wish gift challenge”. These challenges are going on in full swing, just waiting for you in front of the screen to watch and participate. Now, go to the “True Happiness” APP to like the video you like to express your friendliness; take pictures of the beauty around you, record your creativity, and share your excitement with netizens.

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Of course, in addition to the events spontaneous by netizens, the “True Happiness” APP has also joined hands with more professional event organizations to start a passionate schedule. “X-Battle National Street Dance Elite League”, “China Super Child Model Competition”, 2021FSPL Professional League, these events are all on the stage of the “True Happy” APP. We invite you to experience the enthusiasm, blood, and love together! By the way, the latest developments of the 2021FSPL professional league can also be locked in “really happy”.


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