Car swept away by flood near Plattlinger Isar – woman saves herself and dog

In order to get to the drowned car, the fire brigade also had to cut some trees. −Photo: Huber

A woman had to experience the full force of the flooding on the Isar on Wednesday evening in Plattling (Deggendorf district).

The 62-year-old’s car was swept off a bridge into a side arm of the river while she and her dog were still sitting in it. As the PNP learned at the scene, the woman was able to save both herself and her dog from the vehicle on the bank. Currently (as of 10 p.m.) there is a large-scale operation with around 30 members of the fire brigade and divers from the water rescue service to rescue the almost completely submerged car from the river.

That happened: the woman drove her car into a wooded area in Plattling to go for a walk with her dog. To do this, she also crossed a bridge that led over the Mühlbach – a tributary of the Isar. What the 62-year-old apparently noticed too late: The Isar tributary, which had swelled strongly by the storms of the past few days, had already flooded the bridge by around 30 centimeters and washed up a large branch.

Car carried away 50 meters downstream

The woman was still trying to avoid the branch. According to the fire brigade, she got at least one bike next to the handrailless bridge. The car was finally pulled down by the mass of water – around 50 meters downstream in the direction of the Isar.

The great happiness of the 62-year-olds: She was able to free herself and her dog from the car and save them to the bank unharmed. From there she called a colleague who came to pick her up. Together, the two women led the emergency services to the now almost completely lost car. In order to get to the scene at all, the fire brigade has to cut down a few trees. The operation will probably drag on into the night.

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Woman was not allowed to cross the bridge

According to the flood news service, the level of the Isar near Plattling was just over 2.90 meters in the evening and thus above reporting level 1. In the district of Deggendorf, a warning of embankments and floods was issued in the late evening. The police told the PNP that the woman was not allowed to cross the bridge with her car, the area was designated as a nature reserve. It was initially unclear what consequences this would have for the woman.

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