Car Strike, This Woman Robbed and Raped in Front of Her Children

by, ISLAMABAD – A woman from Pakistan was robbed and raped after her car broke down on the Lahore-Sialkot highway, Pakistan, Wednesday (9/9/2020) evening local time. Tragically, the victim was raped by two gunmen in front of her children.

Quoted from Hindustan Times, Saturday (12/09/2020), the victim was raped and robbed after her car ran out of gas on the Lahore-Sialkot highway. The two gunmen smashed the windshield and raped the victim in front of their children.

Not only raping the victim, Daily Mail reported that the perpetrator also seized the victim’s property, such as a bag containing around Rp.20.5 million in cash, jewelery, a car registration letter, and three bank cards.

Had Gerayangi Widows, Perpetrators Canceled Rape & Run Without Pants After Child Victims Cry

It is suspected that the woman was raped while waiting for the help of a mechanic to fix her car. Previously, the victim phoned relatives in Gunjranwala, Pakistan for help. But when his relative arrived, the victim was found in a terrible condition.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim was found with a frightened expression and a cloth covered in blood. The atrocity of this inhuman rape angered all walks of life in Pakistan.

The news of the sadistic rape triggered a number of people to demand that the suspects be arrested immediately. At the urging, the police immediately thoroughly investigated the rape and robbery case.

The Inspector General of Police, Punjab Inam Ghani, said they had obtained evidence that would lead them to the perpetrators. “We have done a great job so far on the rape case on the highway,” Ghani said.

Ghani also added that he had found the village where the suspects came from. Mussarat Cheema, a spokesman from East Punjab, Pakistan said that the raid was carried out to trace and arrest the perpetrators.

Police in Pakistan have arrested 12 men for questioning to find two perpetrators who raped a woman in front of her children. Pakistani Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari said the regional office of the ministry had requested an action report from the police.

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