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  • This is the story of the Air Jordan 1: the most iconic sneakers from Jordan Brand and Nike.
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    Since Michael Jordan wore them for the first time in 1985 in a game with the Chicago Red Bulls, Air Jordan shoes have not stopped growing in popularity and the large family of models has multiplied. However, it is the Air Jordan 1 the most. wanted and desired of the entire Jordan Brand footwear division. That is why Nike has often used this model for its collaborations with brands and artists, such as the Air Balvin 1 or the Air Dior, which are so highly valued at resale. But Air Jordans don’t need a last name to sell like hotcakes. In fact, their latest low-cut releases inspired by the cities of Milan, Paris and London have been among the most sought after in 2020 and 2021. Well, this summer the swoosh brand has once again secretly been inspired by another country, specifically ours, to dye his Air Jordan 1 yellow and red. Or so we suspect.

    It is the classic Air Jordan 1 model with a high top but with a color combination that has caught our attention: yellow, red and white. Unfortunately and to our misfortune, Nike has not decided to call them ‘Spain’ or ‘Españita’ (what a fantasy), but rather. has opted for the name Light Fusion Red for this colorway. This name comes from the shade of red used in the shoe, so it makes sense, but it still leaves us an open door to speculate on its inspiration. On the one hand, we clearly see the flag of Spain, although we also grant a certain similarity to the McDonald’s logo.

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    Whatever the inspiration, what is clear is that it is a very cool color combination for this summer, and that it will surely be sold out as soon as it hits the web on June 12. Why are we so sure? Because even Travis Scott has a match. If you are wanting to get these Nike Air Jordan 1 Light Fusion Red, have on hand 159.99 euros next June 12 at 9 am, promise to sell out.

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