Canicool du Vimeu Receives Generous Grant for Fence Replacement Project

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Several members of the association gathered on the occasion of this check presentation. ©The Vimeu scout

Since 2016, the association Canicool du Vimeu, based in Fressenneville (Somme), unite its members around canine education and obedience. A passion they share on land located right next to the stadium of the town, enclosed by a fence for obvious reasons.

But this fence, precisely, needs to be replaced. And good news: the club has just received a grant that will allow it to carry out this project.

A donation from the Velux Foundation

2 500 € ! This is the amount of the check that was given Sebastien Meslin, president of Canicool. A sum he did not really expect to receive: “As an association, we know that money is the sinews of war. I had already been told about this grant, but I didn’t quite believe it. A company is not really expected to donate. »

And yet, that is what happened. This check was given to them by the foundation Veluxthrough the company VKR based in Feuquières-en-Vimeu (Somme) Delphine Grosos, its director of human resources who came to give the grant, took the time to explain what was behind it: “The Velux foundation collects a large part of the profits to then donate them , among others, to local associations in which its employees are involved. The condition is that it is used for a real project. »

With the need to install a new long-lasting rigid mesh, Canicool fulfilled all the required conditions. Now 80% financed thanks to this donation, it should be installed very soon.

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