Cangshan swears for the alliance and Erhai Lake, we are here to get the marriage license!

Original title: Cangshan swears for the alliance and Erhai Lake, we will get married here on the Qixi Festival!

Because of the legend of “The Cowherd and Weaver Girl”

Tanabata becomes a symbol of love

As the “Chinese Valentine’s Day” in the minds of young people

This day became more

“Good day and auspicious day” when lovers get together

Friendship on Tanabata Day

Many couples are preparing copywriting to show their affection

And the most formal “dog food”

No doubt it’s a pair of red books.

On this romantic day, Dali City Civilization Office and Dali Civil Affairs Bureau are in the Erhai Ecological Corridor Longkan Pier in Dali City 2022“Our Festival, Tanabata Festival”Marriage registration collective certification activities.

13 pairs of “prospective new couples” received the “admission ticket” for marriage in the best place to express their love in China, allowing Cangshan and Erhai to witness this sacred and beautiful moment together.

Holding this event is the organizer’s specific action to change customs and break old rules and bad habits, further promote the reform of marriage customs, guide newcomers to establish the concept of marriage customs in the new era of simple marriage, diligence and simplicity, and health and improvement, and advocate frugality, strong responsibility, and emphasis. Responsible wedding customs.

, interactive games

On the spot, activities such as giving gifts, organizing interactive games and setting up romantic photo-check-in backgrounds added a festive atmosphere to the newcomers.

collectivecollarcertificate,take oath

The specially invited certificate issuer issues the marriage certificate to the newlyweds, sends wedding blessings, and announces the conclusion of the marriage in a solemn and sacred ceremony.

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By guiding the newlyweds to read the marriage vows, the newlyweds can remember the responsibilities and responsibilities contained in marriage and family, and advocate civilized and thrifty marriage etiquette.

Share marriage insights

Invite “the most beautiful family” to the scene, teach new people the “code of happy marriage”, tell the story of Chinese-style good marriage and good family style, and inherit the good family style and family education.

This collective activity takes civilization as the starting point of the wedding, and uses civilization as the witness of the wedding, showing the healthy and progressive civilization of Dali youth, and it will also become a permanent memory for the newcomers and witnesses present, and engrave a sweeter imprint on Dali.

According to reports, the Dali Civil Affairs Bureau handled 64 marriage registrations during the Qixi Festival this year. Citizens who want to receive a marriage certificate can make an appointment through the “one mobile phone service pass”. If the online appointment is full and cannot make an appointment, they can also come to the scene to line up, and they will try their best to register for the public on the same day.

New people lined up at the window of the Civil Affairs Bureau at 8:30 this morning

The best love goes both ways

The best marriages are like-minded

firm companionship

the ultimate romance

I wish all lovers in the world will be married

Happiness (A Suyue Shi Junwei Xu Palmbin Yang Jingqi

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