Canadian universities desperate to attract international students


While Canada’s borders will remain closed until at least August 31, universities across the country are rolling out the red carpet for international students ahead of the fall semester.

Driver service in a quarantined room, catered meals, daily health checks with a thermometer for each student, possibility of specially chartered flights to bring students to Canada : all these options are on the table as universities prepare for the fall session”, Write the Globe and Mail.

In just over ten years, the daily explains, the number of foreign students attending Canadian universities has tripled to 642,000 at the end of last year, or a quarter of their student population. More than 24,000 of these students came from France at the time. All pay tuition fees two to five times higher than Canadian students. The Winnipeg Free Press remember that for the year 2018 alone, “they have contributed over $ 21 billion [13,5 milliards d’euros] at START in Canada, creating nearly 170,000 jobs”.

The major obstacle : travel restrictions

Despite their preparations, these universities still do not know if most of these international students will be allowed to return to Canada. The Canadian government specifies on its site than those who have “a valid study permit or for which the study permit application was approved on the 18th March 2020 or before this date”Are exempt from travel restrictions, as are those who already have family in Canada, add Radio-Canada. For others, it is still the unknown, as Canadian borders remain closed to most travelers until at least August 31.

Another pitfall for universities, according to the Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy : increases from 3 to 15% of their tuition fees to cover part of their deficit resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic which “hinder efforts to attract them”. The President of the University of Windsor Student Association, Lynette Kivisto, has also entrusted to the network CBC :

Many students tell us right now that they are in financial difficulty.”

Canada still popular

The country of the Maple Leaf continues to be popular with foreign students. According to Study International website, 67,000 of them came to the country between January and April. Moreover, agency rating Bloomberg, the country issued 30,785 study permits in May, up sharply from the previous three months and even from May 2019.

That said, note the Globe and Mail,families [de ces étudiants] must try to determine whether it is safe to travel and whether it is beneficial to pay [pour un séjour de] one year in Canada, with continued uncertainty over how much education will be delivered online”.

We have to make it work”Paul Davidson, president of the Association of Universities of Canada, told the newspaper:

We have to make sure [qu’étudier au Canada] be safe and secure and that we don’t have setbacks that could affect our international reputation. ”


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