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Miki Sumiyoshi’s personality is TOKYO FM’s live wide program “Blue Ocean”. The guest of the corner “Blue Ocean Professional supported by Akyuraizu” broadcast on June 7th (Monday) is Ayaka Hirahara, a singer-songwriter. In this broadcast, the episode when he appeared in the ice show “LUXE” held in May and the live best album “Save Your Life ~ AYAKA HIRAHARA All Time Live Best ~” released on June 2 (Wednesday). He talked about.

(From left) Ayaka Hirahara, Miki Sumiyoshi

Mr. Hirahara made his debut as a singer with “Jupiter” in 2003. After his debut, he won numerous awards such as the Japan Record Award for New Artist and the Japan Gold Disc Award. His activities are diverse, and he is taking on various challenges such as dubbing musicals and movies. This time, we had the studio wake up during the national concert tour “Ayaka Hirahara CONCERT TOUR 2020-2021 ~ MOSHIMO ~” which started on Saturday, June 5th.

◆ Dream competition on ice with medalist skaters

Mr. Hirahara when he appeared in the ice show “LUXE”

Sumiyoshi: At the ice show “LUXE” held in May, you not only wrote the theme song “LUXE”, but you actually sang it.

Hirahara: That’s right. We were among the leading actors, Daisuke Takahashi, Shizuka Arakawa, and wonderful actors. I’m appearing from “Ice gloss hyoen2019-Like the moonlight-” based on the story of Genji, but it really slides on the ice (laughs).

I used to sing while thinking, “Professionals often skate on such a floor,” so it’s easy to sing during a concert tour on a non-slip floor (laughs). I thought, “I was singing in such a blessed environment.”

Ice show “LUXE” skating practice scene

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Sumiyoshi: That’s right (laughs). When you think about it, it’s like standing on a balance ball and singing. Is it something that gets stronger as you get used to it?

Hirahara: Recently (while singing) I’ve been able to spin around a little. Of course it’s not a jump. It’s like a pivot turn …

Sumiyoshi: Great! As you can see in the picture, you wore a gorgeous and heavy dress and your head was also decorated.

Hirahara: After that, it was suspended in the air (laughs).

Sumiyoshi: How do you feel when you slide alongside the medalists who played an active part in the Olympics?

Hirahara: Already, everyone is so amazing … When I’m on the ice every day with such amazing people, my senses gradually become paralyzed. I feel like I’m getting better at ice skating (laughs).

It’s music, but if you sing with someone who is good at it, you’ll be influenced. The same is true for skating. It was a dream world.

Mr. Hirahara when he appeared in the ice show “LUXE”

◆ What made you decide to jump into various fields?

Sumiyoshi: When you are asked “Why don’t you try something completely different from what you’ve been up to now?”

Hirahara: That may be the case now, but I refused when I was invited to a musical a long time ago.

Sumiyoshi: Really !? Why did you change your mind?

Hirahara: Maybe because I realized that I was so worried that I wanted to take on the challenge. It may be close to the feeling that “I feel uneasy when I think of my favorite person.” After I realized that my personality was Amanojaku, I started thinking, “I feel very anxious, so let’s do it!” Then my life changed.

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Sumiyoshi: Yeah! Nice!

◆ The best album that re-edited the live sound source for 7 years is released

Sumiyoshi: Mr. Hirahara released his live best album “Save Your Life ~ AYAKA HIRAHARA All Time Live Best ~” on June 2nd (Wednesday). It is said that 43 songs have been remixed and remastered from the live sound source for 7 years, and it is a 3-disc album. This is an imagination, but did you think “Let’s make it!” Because it’s a time when live performances are difficult?

Hirahara: That’s right. I’m in a concert right now, but it seems that there are many people who are thinking, “I should stop going this time …”. We released it with the intention of giving the feeling of live performance to those who think so.

Sumiyoshi: I heard it, but it’s amazing. There is no sense of stability! The voice is banging, and it feels like it was recorded in the studio. When I heard applause and cheers, I finally realized that “this is a live sound source”. That is also a sound source for 7 years. It’s amazing.

Hirahara: I couldn’t decide by myself, “Which song would you like to listen to?” Besides, when I decided for myself, I sometimes thought, “I think this way of singing is useless …”.

Sumiyoshi: Is there !?

Hirahara: There is. I always think.

Sumiyoshi: Everything is really good!

Hirahara: Thank you.

Sumiyoshi: How did you choose the sound source for 7 years? Even for the same song, you think, for example, “How many years did you sing the sound source?”

Hirahara: That’s right. The songs on the album are arranged in order of release, so the first song is “Jupiter”. It’s a live best album that allows you to follow the trajectory of your song, but I don’t know what age (live) the “Jupiter” everyone wants to hear the most, so I’ll leave that to the staff. did.

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Sumiyoshi: Yeah! In the end, you were convinced by yourself, right?

Hirahara: Actually, there are some parts that I’m not convinced of, or something that makes me feel “embarrassed …” (laughs). But it’s a live sound source including that. I tried to think, “I prefer a song that can be transmitted to a perfect song.”

Sumiyoshi: I don’t know what’s not perfect, but it means that there are subtle differences within the person himself. As a listener, all of them are singing voices that are transmitted to the heart. By the way, “Jupiter” is a live version of 2018. When you listen to the sound source, do you remember the live performance at that time?

Hirahara: I think things like “I had a lot of fun singing at this time” and “I had a hard time at this time, but I didn’t get caught in the song” (laughs). Also, a total of 5 engineers did a live mix. There is no video on the album, but he adjusted it as if it were mixed locally. When the listener closes his eyes, he makes the sound as if he were at a live venue.

Sumiyoshi: There were times when it was difficult …

Hirahara: It’s all naked (in a singing voice).

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