Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

When the summer heat hits, there is nothing more rewarding than a fresh fruit snack. Certainly watermelon is one of the main fruits of the summer! For this reason it is natural to ask ourselves: also Can Dog Eat Watermelon? Let’s find out together.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Here is the answer

The answer is yes: we can give the dog watermelon. Let’s see what its properties and benefits are.

As for the benefits, this fruit being rich in water is particularly thirst-quenching, refreshing and almost calorie-free. It also contains many minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C and B vitamins, which are very good for the dog. The purifying and diuretic properties make watermelon a healthy fruit even for our four-legged friends.

But how to give it to the dog? We recommend first of all removing the peel and seeds from the fruit and offering the dog small pieces of pulp, trying to avoid the white part closest to the peel because it is less digestible.

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