CAMPUS FH KÄRNTEN: With the Marshall Plan to Carinthia and the USA

Remote sensing technology and sensors on the basis of photonic crystal fibers: With these research topics, two students from the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences are setting out into the world – to the USA to be precise. Saghi SarafiMaster’s student in Spatial Information Management and Isaac Owusu Mensahmaster’s student in the Communication Engineering course have got hold of one of the coveted Marshall Plan grants.

In the course of this Research Excellence Program four students from the USA also attend the FH. “The Marshall Plan grant makes it possible to develop and implement joint applied research projects together with highly talented students from the USA. This promotes the academic exchange and stimulates intercultural cooperation among the students,” says Gernot Paulus, Professor of Geoinformatics. The total funding since 2008 for 64 geoinformatics projects at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences has been around 350,000 euros from the Marshall Plan Foundation pot.

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