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Camping with a dog: Do not leave the animal alone in the tent

Updated: 09/21/2022, 10:23 AM

Camping with a dog promises more freedom than a holiday together in a hotel room. But even here it is often not possible to do without the leash.

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Lots of fresh air and time together in nature: Camping is an alternative to a hotel holiday for dog owners. But dogs must also be allowed on the campsite – and rules apply.

It sounds tempting for dog owners: no need to look for a hotel room on holiday where your four-legged friend is also welcome. But the animal must also be allowed on the campsite.

Campers should clarify whether this is the case in the desired travel period before they pack the tent. Because some places only allow dogs in the off-season. On others, certain dog breeds are taboo, according to the animal welfare organization Four Paws.

Also ask: What rules must be observed on the pitch? On most campsites, you are not allowed to let your dog run around without a leash – not even on your own plot, according to Vier Pfoten.

The leash must not become a tripping hazard

In general, the leash on the pitch should only be long enough so that the four-legged friend cannot get too close to the neighbors in the tent. If you put the dog on a leash, make sure that other guests cannot easily trip over it. Also important at high temperatures: the dog should be able to reach a shady spot and its water bowl when it is on a leash.

If you are traveling with a tent, it is better to plan the dog place. Important: Not only cars and mobile homes heat up quickly in the sun. Even a closed tent can become a heat trap for four-legged friends in late summer. He should therefore not be left alone in the tent.

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