CAME-TV TIOGA Series High Output LED Spotlight

CAME-TV has launched the new TIOGA series high power LED spotlights from 220W to 600W versions.

If you’re looking for a lot of output without breaking the bank, these seem like a very affordable option.

The spotlight is claimed to have accurate color temperature representation with a TLCI of 95+ and an operating life of over 50,000 hours.

The fixture features digital stepless dimming with 100% PWM integration, allowing the dimming process to be linear and uniform. NTC temperature sensing automatically regulates fan speed control and provides overheating protection. The high-strength aluminum shell is claimed to have excellent heat dissipation to ensure the overall lifespan of the product.LED heat-free technology ensures that the light source output is We ensure that it is stable, consistent and accurate.

LCD color digital display shows real-time data. There is also a mobile APP for controlling the light and 11 preset special effect modes. DMX in and out are also included along with a 13ft / 4m power cord.

Tioga 210D & 210B