Call on National Fitness Route 319 to build “International Olympic Day” themed bus – Xinhua

(Source: Qingdao Bus)

News on June 23(Correspondent Li Kehan ​​trainee reporter Jiang Danning) June 23 this year is the 75th International Olympic Day. In order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics and advocate the concept of national fitness and the Olympic Games, the volunteers of Qingdao Urban Sports Holding Bus Group “Qingdao Bus – Hongyehong” built a bus with the theme of “International Olympic Day” on No. 319, and the carriages were transformed into “National Olympics Day”. Fitness” mobile propaganda station.

In addition to festive posters and slogans such as “The Beginning of Health, the Source of Happiness” and “Sports Wireless Wonderful”, the themed carriages promote the concept of healthy life, and also post “Sui Sui Exercise” tutorials, safety and fitness knowledge, etc., calling on passengers Use fragmented time to exercise and provide convenience for passengers in need.

According to Cui Fenglei, a volunteer of “Qingdao Bus – Hongyehong” and the driver of No. 319 bus, the purpose of creating the “International Olympic Day” theme bus is to carry forward the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics, spread the Olympic concept, and call on the majority of passengers to join the ranks of sports and fitness, and develop a healthy living habits. “Fitness can not only enhance physical fitness, but also achieve the purpose of relieving psychological pressure. I hope that in this way, passengers can develop good habits and awareness, make fitness a part of life, and have a better and more energetic mental state. , live every day with enthusiasm and full of enthusiasm.” Cui Fenglei said.

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