Call of Duty Warzone: these are the 7 most common mistakes you should stop making while playing


These are all those mistakes and glitches that we’ve seen a lot done in Warzone games and that we must avoid if we want to reach a pro level.

The best way to become a pro in Call of Duty Warzone It is by learning from each of our mistakes, and not repeating them again in games, and we want to show you which are the seven most common mistakes that you should stop making when playing and that will allow you to get many more victories in this multiplayer variant.

Instead of getting angry every time you are eliminated in a game, it is convenient that you learn why you lost, note the error, learn it and do not repeat it again.

In any case, we want to offer you what are the 7 most common mistakes the user community makes when playing Call of Duty Warzone so you do not repeat them.

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Call of Duty Warzone: these are the 7 most common mistakes you should stop making while playing

Sometimes we make mistakes that we are not aware of, and perhaps because of this we fail to reach the professional level in some multiplayer titles.

These are the 7 most common mistakes players make when enjoying Call of Duty Warzone.

Do not take advantage of the possibility of tilting or supporting a weapon

Not only is it necessary that we shoot crouched or take cover, but we can lean a weapon on the different surfaces which will allow us to hit the rivals without them reaching us, and that curiously not many people do in the games, being one of the most popular mechanics in the series.

Inventory management

Another common mistake is the immense mania of having to use everything we have in inventory, which causes us to waste precious seconds of our time. For example, if you have ammo in your inventory but consider that you will get ammunition a few seconds later when you eliminate another opponent, you do not need to access the inventory.

Don’t waste ammo

On many occasions we are going to find that other users are having a fight with each other, and the most sensible thing is to wait for them to finish and then eliminate those who are left standing. Likewise, if you see a fight between several teams, first wait for them to weaken and then catch them by surprise.

Usa las Claymore

Curiously, these proximity mines are not widely used by users and they tend to leave them only when they collect them, losing the opportunity to draw more valuable strategies.

They are also especially useful when we are in the gulag, so one of the most common errors is that users do not know how to use this accessory and combat element that the pro usually take advantage of.

Running to the edge of the circle is no longer so profitable

One of the most common strategies that we see in the title is that more and more users are running around the gas circle to try to make eliminations much more easily.

The problem with this method is that it has already been saturated and it is not as profitable as at the beginning, and to continue running around the circle the only thing that is going to bring us is to end the game unexpectedly.

The coverage, always

Even if you think you are alone in one area, you should always locate coverage places to move to since an enemy may appear at any time.

One of the mistakes that beginners make is to see that they go into the open field by a location because they believe that there is no one else, without even bothering to take cover or look for cover, which causes them to be eliminated in a very simple way by others professionals who know how to hide very well.

Do not give up

Even if you see that in the game you have a lot of disadvantage against your rivals, and you are practically not going to achieve victory, it is a mistake to give up and you must think that you will always have a chance.

That they shoot you a lot does not mean that they are better than you, and it is advisable that you protect yourself until you have the option to shoot, and you may even be surprised by the result.

Although the combat is very complicated, the enemies also make mistakes and it would not be the first time that a beginner has charged an experienced user.

Now you know what are the most common mistakes when playing Call of Duty Warzone.

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