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CaixaBank begins the process of replacing the Bankia brand in the branch network this Monday retail, which will mean a change in the interior and exterior signage and the personalization of the ATM image. In the autonomous communities where Monday is a holiday, this action will begin on Tuesday, according to CaixaBank in a statement.

The process will be developed progressively over nine weeks until reaching the entire network throughout Spain, after the adaptation of the brand image in corporate buildings last week.

Caixabank has addressed Bankia customers by charge to explain how the merger process will be.

For Banlia clients … what is your new entity?

After the merger, the entities have decided to keep the CaixaBank name and logo. For this reason, from a legal point of view, the Bankia client becomes a CaixaBank client and all contracts signed with Bankia “are understood to have been signed with CaixaBank”.

Do the conditions of the contracts change?

Not now. The entity, after its merger with Bankia, points out that, for the moment, the contractual conditions of the services that you have contracted will not be altered although it warns the client to “pay special attention” to correspondence during these months “because it is likely that we propose modifications to the contractual conditions of certain products “.

Which branch should Bankia customers go to?

Although Bankia customers will have “the entire CaixaBank branch network”, the entity recommends that, until otherwise communicated, customers “continue to use Bankia’s original branches to carry out procedures”. For a time, banks will have to “adapt the operations of both entities” and it could happen that a certain operation is not enabled in a CaixaBank office of origin.

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Can Bankia clients withdraw money from Caixabank ATMs without commission?

Yes. Bankia customers will be able to withdraw cash on debit “free of charge” at any of the nearly 9,500 CaixaBank ATMs.

For when will the data be joined?

The union of the computer systems is planned for the last quarter of 2021. That is when the operational integration is expected to occur.

Is it necessary to change direct debits, collections, payments?

No. Before the integration of the systems, it is probable that the client will receive modifications in the services, although direct debits, collections and payments “will not be affected” by this change: the client will not have to carry out any management.

Do loan terms vary? Is it necessary to change the access code?

No. The conditions of the loans or the access codes to online banking will not experience any variation.

If there is a complaint, where do you go?

Caixabank explains that former Bankia or Caixabank customers who want to file a claim should contact CaixaBank’s Customer Service Department using the form specially enabled for this on the CaixaBank website, by e-mail to the address servicio.cliente@caixabank .com or by post, to the registered office of CaixaBank or deliver it to any of its offices.

What about personal data?

As a result of the merger, CaixaBank becomes responsible for the processing of the personal data of Bankia customers, that is, they become the responsibility of CaixaBank, SA, with NIF A-08663619 and address at calle del Pintor Sorolla, 2 -4 Valencia.

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