Cabecita’s scholarship in America is over and the one who would come to take her job

jonathan rodriguez

The signing of Jonathan Rodríguez by América was announced as one of the bombs of the tournament, there were many expectations about his return to Mexico and it seemed that with his arrival, América would become a candidate for the title.

Until now, all that was thought of Cabecita has been just an illusion, Jonathan Rodríguez seems to have surrendered the first 20 minutes against Rayados where he scored a goal and since then he has not been able to make a difference.

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Fernando Ortiz and his coaching staff are beginning to run out of patience with Jonathan Rodríguez because they need an attacker who gives results and he is not giving them, that is why they already have in mind who could be his replacement and he would arrive in Coapa soon.

The crack that Tano wants instead of Little Head.

Tano Ortiz is clear, if Cabecita does not get up in the coming weeks, she already knows who could take her place and that is Roger Martinezwho is already more than halfway through recovering from his injury and if everything goes well, Roger would be 3 weeks to return to America.

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