C AllStar Gathering Bar Concert 2021[BD双ISO/1080P/59.67GB]Baidu cloud network disk download

Singing name: Gathering Bar Concert 2021
Singer: C AllStar
From area: Hong Kong
File type: ISO Blu-ray original disc
Resolution: 1920×1080
File size: 59.67GB
At the beginning of 2021, C AllStar officially reorganized after more than three years of hiatus, and held its third Red Pavilion concert from July 24th to 25th. “C AllStar Gathering Bar Concert 2021” is titled “Gathering Bar”. After the four sons gather again, they will challenge the four-sided stage. On the stage full of sci-fi, they will appear in the shape of astronauts and sing “Soul Evolution” and “Music Colony”. It is the prelude, and then he will talk about the golden songs such as “Post-80s Times Song”, “Tier Ladder”, “Love Song”, “Time Flying”, “Fall in Love”, “Never See You Again”, as well as the popular new song “Let’s Gather! “Earth Defense Team” and “Those Who Left Behind”, as well as Lin Jiaqian and ERROR as guest performers, ended with the song “Priceless Now”.

C AllStar Gathering Bar Concert 2021[BD双ISO/1080P/59.67GB]Baidu cloud network disk download - song search

01. Soul Evolution
02. Music Colony
03. Maldives / A moment in love
04. Six Gods Integrate
05. Agreement
06. Born in Sri Lanka
07. New Prophecy
08.MEDLEY: When the Earth Has No Flowers / People From Earth / Backlight Story / Sleeping Poems
09. Those who stay
10. Rebirth
11. Assemble! Earth Defense Team
12. Post-80s Times Song
13. Higurashi
14. Night sky star
15. Day and Night
16. SOLO MEDLEY: Mr. Laugh Haha / Anonymous / If there are no flowers in winter / Aizen / Looking for love in the wrong universe / Abandoned school / Forbidden area / BOUNCE BACK / Achou / 28 days / The art of farewell / Unknown
17. 30 years of professional lovelorn
18. Time flies
19. Beyond life and death
20. Ladder
21. Goodbye again
22.DJ King EDM Medley: Chaos / Attack on Life / Renren / IGNITED / Datong / Xinghai
Bluray 2
01.iSing / difference word
02. Thin Love Song
03. Our Husto
04. No fear of tomorrow
05. From today to today
06. On our tram
07. The moment is priceless

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