BVB young star Youssoufa Moukoko makes a big announcement


Youssoufa Moukoko could make the eagerly awaited professional debut for Borussia Dortmund on Saturday. Before the start in adult football, the 16-year-old star makes a big announcement.

The attacker is particularly looking forward to being able to whirl around with Erling Haaland soon, as he says in an interview with “DAZN”: “The combination will fit. Moukoko and Erling, it won’t be a bit of fun. ” For the opponents. Nevertheless, Moukoko does not want to rush anything and does not urge immediate deployment: “It doesn’t have to be immediately. If that happens, I’m really happy. ”

So far, the striker has stormed for the U19 of BVB, where he scored goals on the running meter. Basically, he believes that his talent is innate: “It’s not my fault that I’m good at football.” However, the following applies: “Whoever does more gets the reward in the end.” Moukoko is repeatedly praised by those responsible for BVB for his already very professional attitude and behavior. The conditions for a world career seem ideal.

psc 20 November, 2020 12:00

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