YouTube signs exclusive streaming agreements with 3 major game creators: LazarBeam, Muselk and Valkyrae


Although they play many other games, all three are prominent creators of Fortnite. The LazarBeam and Muselk contracts were negotiated through the WME talent agencies, which also represent the talent of the NFL and the NHL, and Click Management, while Valkyrae was negotiated by UTA.

LazarBeam has just started streaming on YouTube and said he hopes to show a “different side of himself.” He and Muselk celebrate the contract with a 12-hour live broadcast on Monday to raise a million dollars for the Australian wildfire crisis.

Valkyrae is the first woman to join the 100 Thieves esports group, and she got attention when she attended the Fortnite Pro Am Tournament at last year’s E3 event. She said she hopes to use YouTube’s global reach to “translate the importance of mental and physical well-being.”

The measure is another of the current talent offerings, mainly between YouTube, Mixer, Facebook and Twitch. The Microsoft Mixer platform began the trend by signing with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the biggest personality of the broadcast, which is believed to be a multi-million dollar contract. The terms of the recent YouTube contracts were not disclosed.

The continuing firm of popular personalities points out that when it comes to platform features, content now has priority, according to Doron Nir, CEO of the StreamElements streaming platform, which publishes quarterly reports on the streaming market.

“The benefit of having a wide variety of marquee streamers worthy of the press is that it is the most effective way to attract new viewers, creators and brands,” said Nir. “The key to moving forward will be long-term commitments with the best talents and working with external developers to ensure that their influencers have the best production, monetization and participation tools to optimize their channels.”


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