Wine, beer consumption in the US UU., With seltzers, liquors on the rise

Regards, America. Your drinking tastes are changing. The wine has been good, but now, apparently, you are looking for something with more bubbles or bites.

For the first time in 25 years, wine consumption has decreased, falling in 2019 by almost 1% in volume, according to the analysis of the world market for alcoholic beverages IWSR.

While wine consumption is in decline, Americans continue to spend more overall on alcohol, with $ 167 billion to buy alcoholic beverages. It is a 2.5% increase over 2018, says IWSR.

And although Americans drank a little more in 2019 than in recent years, an increase of 0.3%, reversing the falls of almost 1% in the last two years, it is really what we are spending that exceeds what we are drinking. It is “a clear indicator that American consumers are willing to pay for more premium products,” said Brandy Rand, chief operating officer of IWSR Drink Markets Analysis for the Americas, in a statement accompanying the report.

For the first time in 25 years, Americans drank less wine. But general US consumption. UU. It increased slightly and spending on alcoholic beverages in 2019 increased 2.5%.

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“The challenges facing the wine industry have been emerging for years, as baby boomers age and millennials show more preference for spirits and hard alcoholic beverages,” he told USA TODAY. “With the increase in low-alcohol and non-alcoholic products and consumer trends towards health and well-being, wine is in a difficult place to compete.”

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