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When Carlos Ghosn was a manga hero

The Japanese magazine "Superior" began to publish the story of Carlos Ghosn in November 2001. Superior

The idyll between Japan and Carlos Ghosn is the loss after his arrest in Tokyo on Monday, November 19, as part of an investigation into suspicions of tax evasion and misuse of assets. The president of the alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi has so far been admired in the archipelago because he managed to straighten Nissan in the early 2000s. Symbol of this fascination with Japan for the businessman: Carlos Ghosn became the hero of a manga in 2001, completely dedicated to his story.

This is the mangas magazine superior, sold in the Japanese metro, intended for executives and then distributed to 500,000 copies, which started on this adventure in November 2001. It describes the path of the Lebanese-French-Brazilian boss, starting with his youth. With a first chapter in which the young Carlos Ghosn has fun, in Lebanon, to recognize the model of cars that go by the ear, eyes closed. The story concentrates on his life as a student of polytechnic engineering and then his arrival in Japan to take on the tough challenge to get Nissan back on its feet.

A manga meant, according to the terms and conditions of the publisher that were used during that time release, to "To cheer up Japanese employees who are confused by the economic crisis". A crisis in which Nissan had become one of the sad symbols, until its acquisition by Renault in 1999 and the arrival of Carlos Ghosn.

"Mr. Ghosn reformed the company and achieved a result that did not seem feasible in a Japanese setting", had then explained to Wall Street Journal Akihiro Yoshino, project manager at Shokgakukan, the publisher of superior. "He delivered a message of hope that opened new horizons and we wanted to carry that message."

This manga, entitled The true story of Carlos Ghosn, is signed by designer Takanobu Toda and screenwriter Yoko Togashi, none of his works has been published in France. The manga was published in six songs and was later released in a bound version of approximately 160 pages.

"At first glance it is a typical cartoon hero", noticed with a touch of irony Wall Street Journal. "He comes from a distant place, he has unusual powers and his goal is to solve problems. (…) But he is wearing a suit and a tie instead of a cloak. "

The complete manga about the life of Carlos Ghosn is about 160 pages long.
The complete manga about the life of Carlos Ghosn is about 160 pages long.
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