What are the new Euromillions changes, when will they come into force and the ticket prices will remain the same?

THE National Lottery has announced that there will be some changes in the EuroMillions game.

The improvements “will allow boats to grow bigger and faster.”

    A series of changes are being made in the game.


A series of changes are being made in the game.Credit: Brochure
    The boats will be bigger after February 1


The boats will be bigger after February 1Credit: Getty – Contributor

When will these changes take effect?

The changes will be effective as of February 1.

The first draw to include these game improvements will take place on Tuesday, February 4.

What changes are being made?

There will be a change in the distribution of the general prize fund for the game, which means there will be more money allocated to the jackpot.

Instead of taking nine to ten draws to reach a jackpot of € 100 million, it is predicted that the new jackpot will reach € 100 million in seven or eight draws in just four weeks.

The changes will also allow the EuroMillions community to have promotional sweepstakes draws more often with guaranteed mega jackpots of around € 130 million in each draw.

Will the boat limit increase?

The limit of the current € 190 million jackpot will be raised to € 200 million.

It will continue raising up to a maximum of 250 million euros with its new limit mechanism.

Once the € 200 million jackpot is won, the limit for the next cycle will increase to € 210 million.

The same process will apply up to € 250 million.

There will be an average of three special draws per year instead of two.

Will the price change to play?

All prices will remain the same once the changes take effect.

The complete events of the new game and the rules and information of the associated game are available at www.lottery.ie.

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