Volvo and Uber unveil autonomous production XC90


The Swedish maker claims that Uber & # 39; s system "one day" is able to operate safely and legally without a "mission specialist" – Uber & # 39; s name for a trained Uber employee who is currently the autonomous development car & # 39 ; s must manage and supervise the company's business.

Uber has tested a fleet of around 250 autonomous XC90 & # 39; s around several states in the US for two years, with a recently granted license for testing on public roads in Sweden. One of Uber & # 39; s XC90s was involved last year in a fatal collision between the car and a pedestrian in Arizona that was being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. The firm closed the program after the governor of Arizona had raised objections.

Volvo claims it will "use a similar autonomous base vehicle" for the rollout of future models based on the next generation of its SPA modular platform. It claims that these cars, which will be launched at the start of 2020, will include features designed to enable unattended autonomous driving in clearly designated areas such as highways and ring roads.

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