Volkswagen is currently in discussions with other manufacturers in the sector to reach an agreement to establish a number standards for the future of autonomous driving, one of the pillars of the development of vehicles in the coming years. At least another 15 companies would participate in what could be a very important agreement for the industry, according to reports Reuters.

This makes it possible to establish common guidelines, so that all manufacturers follow a set pattern, for example with regard to detection sensorsthey are all in the same places and may create similarities for the development of these technologies. The investment behind the autonomous drive systems is enormous and a joint effort can not only reduce costs, but also lead to better and safer results.

Volkswagen wants to lead the way

Volkswagen is one of the companies that has recently taken more steps in autonomous driving, where vehicles such as SEDRIC are shown and agreements are made with other companies such as Nvidia to work with a technology that makes their vehicles better than the rest. those of the rest of manufacturers. The talks that are taking place now would not, of course, undermine the competitiveness of each other in the market.

With all that remains to be demonstrated, it is clear that the future of the car will not only be electric, but also autonomous. Both technologies, which are handled together, will ultimately not control the vehicles that move daily in favor of more efficient transport and, of course, more reliable.

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