Two car dealers: the most important news for Russia


Most exhibitions of the American and Chinese exhibitions are endless concept cars & locally exotic, designed for the domestic market. That is why we had no heated discussions about who should step in the "Russian" five. Tellingly enough, these are all crossovers.

MercedesBenz GLS

The long-awaited new SUV line flagship from Mercedes-Benz is in many ways comparable to the GLE. And not without reason – they have a common MHA platform, suspensions (in the standard equipment – Airmatic pneuma), engines and an interior with two screens and an MBUX multimedia complex. GLS added 77 mm (5,207 mm) in length, the base was increased by 60 mm (3,135 mm), so that there was more space, which the rear passengers would particularly appreciate.

The biggest difference with the GLE under the hood is the V8 with a capacity of 489 hp, which is equipped with the version of the GLS 580. The other changes are the GLS 450 (3.0 367 hp) and diesel GLS 350 d (286 hp ) and GLS 400 d (330 hp). And the new GLS will be produced in Russia! For sale seven-person SUV should appear before the end of the year.

Hyundai ix25

A small crossover, presented in Shanghai, is surprising with its unusual front-end design – Hyundai is now actively experimenting with the looks of its models. And the main source of attraction in the cabin is a huge tablet instead of a center console (like the current Volvo). The wheelbase is increased by 30 mm, which should give the rear passengers some space.

There is no information yet about the technical "filling", but this is not important – in Russia it will still be "of its own". The most important thing is that ix25 is the precursor of the new generation "Crete". And it seems that Koreans are determined to rejuvenate the audience of a middle-aged crossover with a catchy exterior. I wonder if the Russian Creta will copy the ix25 completely? However, it is unlikely that we will discover this before next year.

Volkswagen Tharu

Another future owner of the Russian "passport" is Volkswagen's Crete rival. In China it is called Tharu, but for our market it is probably called Tarek (it almost sounds like Touareg, which the owners will certainly like).

Tharu looks like a lowered Volkswagen Tiguan and probably won't change much on its way to Russia. In China it is sold with 1.4 turbo engines (150 hp) and 2.0 (186 hp). And we will probably be offered with a 150 hp engine, so as not to create competition for the same "Tiguan". Although it is certainly worth counting on the basic modification with atmospheric 1.6.

Toyota Highlander

The new generation of the big "Toyota" was shown in New York – the car moved to the TNGA-K platform (like the Camry) and stands out thanks to the spectacular optics, the "inverted" grille and the embossed side walls. But at the same time, the Highlander became even more "family", because it was given an interior with eight seats.

The interior, which follows the example of the same Camry, has become more refined and attractive, but it disrupts a huge "tablet" protruding from the front panel. As before, the top version was equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 (in the US, its power is 299 hp), but there is also a hybrid version. Russia Highlander, when the time comes, it is only with the V6. And this will certainly not happen until next year – even in the US, sales begin in December 2019.

Chery Tiggo 8 and Tiggo 5x

The Chinese company Chery gambles on crossovers – next year the flagship SUV Tiggo 8 will appear in Russia, the 4.7 meter long car is a niche for spacious family crossovers and is available with a third row of seats. There are three displays in the cabin: instrument panel, screen of the multimedia complex and the climate controller.

Under the hood is a 1.6 turbo engine (197 hp, 290 Nm) and a seven-step Getrag robot with two clutches. The equipment list includes adaptive cruise control and lane assistance. One problem: the disc on the Tiggo 8 is only the front, which is not very popular with Russian buyers.

The same goes for the compact crossover Tiggo 5x, which should reach Russia in the summer. In fact, it is a restyling of the Tiggo 4 model, so the & # 39; filling & # 39; has not changed: a two liter intake (122 hp), a CVT and front drive wheels. But in appearance, it became more beautiful and it is unlikely that the price will go far from the starting 1.1 million rubles.