This trick dramatically increases the survival rate of a plant

I bought a good amount of herbs in an attempt to keep my vegetable patch alive and prosperous. While my current attempt is going very well, it is known that I have killed my herbs through negligence. But I just discovered a pragmatic way of keeping them alive.

How to create a simple plant irrigation program

As a millennial major, it goes without saying that I like plants. I have five at my office desk (one is a small fishbowl with two Marimo moss balls). But I don’t just go on autopilot and water them every Friday. Plants don’t like that, they prefer a more personalized schedule. But how do you keep that organized? Here is an easy way to create a plant irrigation program that ensures that each plant gets the amount of water it needs.

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Seeing the problem above was my inconsistency. I installed my patch of vegetable herbs on a balcony that I never ventured and received little sun. I always forgot to water them in the morning and watering the plants at night can make fungi grow. That’s part of reason, but to be completely transparent, I am also a bad mother of plants. However, when I moved the units recently, my new patio was easier to access, so it didn’t seem like I was going to say hello to my children of herbs. He also received much more sun.

Watering my incipient collection of tasty plants every morning, but something began to happen. A few weeks after planting, my plants began to look sick.

But now I have learned something new that makes much more sense: it is possible finished aquatic plants I was torturing my plants by giving them too A lot of attention.

To solve this solution, buy a moisture meter. It is a small economical tool that requires you to place a measuring tool in your withered pot plant and tell you how much moisture the plant soil has. If it is dry, water it. If it is wet, let it be. It’s as simple as that.

You can get one of these ingenious tools from your usual suspects like Bunnings, eBay (which supposedly also tells you pH levels) or Amazon, all for less than $ 15. The best part is that you can monitor each plant so you only need one . Just remember to watch to rinse it quickly before testing each pot so it doesn’t transfer unwanted diseases between your potted plants.

Maybe you finally have a coriander plant that lasts more than two weeks. Maybe.

Low maintenance plants are really terrible for beginners

Hands up if you killed a succulent. Yes me too. Succulents and cacti are great beginner plants in theory because they can survive a little negligence. But that’s what makes them terrible for brown thumbs like me and (maybe) you.

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