Home business They develop technology for 3D printing in metal

They develop technology for 3D printing in metal


An emerging company is working in the development of a 3D printer in metal, at a price and at a competitive speed with traditional production techniques.

The company Desktop Metal will start sending the first versions of its production system at the end of the year, a printer that produces up to 100 thousand pieces of metal.

The first product of the company, founded by a former student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and four professors as co-founders, is Studio System, which improved the safety, speed and price of 3D printing prototypes and small metal pieces.

"Metal production is one of the biggest drivers of the industry in general, and production is driving around the world," said the co-founder of Desktop Metal, A. John Hart, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT and director of the Manufacturing Lab. and productivity.

John Hart, also founder, noted that 3D printing is an amazing technology in terms of its capabilities, which adjusts the product life cycle.

However, he is also an associate professor at the Mechanical Engineering department at MIT and said that this technology is at an early stage that requires innovative processes to penetrate the market.

One of the team's advancements, founded in 2015, is a printing technique called metal deposition, which works in the same way as the process, layer by layer, often used in 3D printing on plastic, MIT explained in a statement.

According to the company, the system is the fastest metal 3D printer in the world and 100 times faster than the current laser printers.

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