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The small hands of artificial intelligence

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The book. Antonio A. Casilli does not borrow his title by chance from the master of the absurd Samuel Beckett. Waiting for the robots, his new book, delivers a beautiful lesson of clarity. He claims that the big replacement that has to come, that of men by robots, is pure fantasy. For a world in which man is superfluous, it will take a long time. It may even be necessary to leave the idea at the risk of mold on the spot. For this virtual world, where artificial intelligence (AI) would have replaced human intuition and know-how, is only discourse.

Built to entice investors and consumers (and perfectly effective at this point), it is not resistant to long-term serious research. Behind every digital platform is indeed the sociologist, an armada of "Click workers" invisible, moved, insecure. Robots do not let the work disappear, they hide it and change it into shapes that are still desirable. In reality they have far from freeing the man from the job "Tâcheronnisent".

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If there is a replacement at work today, he explains, it is "That of the work of the hands through the work of the fingers – strictly speaking the work" digital "". But what is less virtual than these five attachments that we have at the end of each arm? This is how the famous disappearance of work that makes so much ink really is, according to the sociologist, his "Digitalization". To understand the full meaning of this claim, it must be borne in mind that any machine that is supposedly used by artificial intelligence is part of the human work.

Employees of the click

The book starts from the rest on a small fable, clearly inspired by reality, from a start-up that specializes in AI and sells an advanced solution to offer luxury products to rich customers. The company says they prefer to guess "Thanks to an automatic learning process". However, it appears that behind this seductive speech there is no algorithm, no engineer, but a simple platform that routes requests to Madagascar where people (in the flesh) gather on the internet and networks. all available information to determine the preferences of the customer.

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