The self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright argues against delaying the trial after allegedly receiving $ 9.5 billion of Bitcoin (BTC)


  • Wright receives his Bitcoin fortune
  • BSV takes a breath

As expected, Craig Wright’s lawyers asked the court to deny the plaintiffs’ motion for a 90-day trial extension period, according to their latest report. judicial presentation.

The request is described as “an attempt to delay the trial.” The lawyers claim that “there is no good cause” to continue the tough legal battle between Wright and the state of Kleiman.

In addition, the self-proclaimed Satoshi is expected to present his dissertation in June, which means the extension would disrupt his plans.

“The defendant lives in London, and has already canceled for a year the dissertation of his doctorate to attend mediation, deposit and hearing.”

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Wright receives his Bitcoin fortune

On January 14, U.Today reported a compliance notice submitted confirming that it received approximately 1.1 million BTC after accessing the infamous Tulip Trust. The head of nChain allegedly received the documents with the private keys that were necessary to unlock his crypto treasures. According to a previous court order, I was supposed to present them no later than February 3.

Although Wright provided the list of more than 16,000 BTC addresses, the plaintiffs needed more information about the “mysterious” messaging service, which apparently caused the need to delay the trial.

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BSV takes a breath

After approaching to confirm that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto (a very controversial claim within the crypto industry), the holder backed by Wright Bitcoin SV witnessed a gigantic demonstration that allowed a change of BSV. However, the price of the BSV finally cooled along with the heads of investors driven by FOMO.

Will BSV recover after this massive fall? Share your opinion in the comments!

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