The sale back to school causes “chaos”

They were the parents of Aldi Special Buys who had been waiting.

But those who challenged the queues at stores across the country in hopes of getting discounted items for back to school have complained that the sale became a “thrust festival” while people struggled to get their chosen products.

Frustrated mothers have come to Facebook to complain about “crazy” behavior in stores and promise never to buy again during a discount from Aldi Special Buys.

The highest demand was $ 12 in lunch boxes and leather school shoes that were priced at only $ 14.99.

“Today I experienced the evil that people talk about due to special purchases for the first time,” one woman wrote in the Aldi Mums Facebook group.

“Adult women who push children out of the way, people who don’t care who they run into with their carts, as long as they get the school shoes they are looking for.”

The mother said that while she understood that, like her, they probably just wanted a “good deal,” she said “common courtesy is very useful.”

“We ended up dating nothing after a girl pushed my little son,” he said.

“Just a reminder that if you’re buying a special purchase, hurting people to get it goes a bit far.”

Other moms rushed to share their stories, and one of them claimed to have witnessed that clients deliberately blocked other deals.

“I had never seen anything like that, everyone was going crazy about shoes. All I wanted was a lunchbox,” said one.

“Today was horrible! I try to avoid special purchases for this reason. A woman had her daughter holding her long cart against her shoes so she had more than one meter free to grab the shoes, ”added another.

“Helensvale was mental. I was trying on school shoes and I heard someone say (not me!) “They are just shoes, there is NO need to rub shoulders,” said one mother.

Others promised that they would never go to Aldi again on a special shopping day and asked the supermarket to have additional staff or a queue system for products on demand.

“I have to get my children out of the carts.” It is chaos. I will never buy special offers again. It is not worth the risk of injury! People don’t care about small people, “said one mother.

“Damn madness a mile-long line that pushed the kids out of the way was amazing and to think that I came back later and still got what I wanted,” wrote another.

“Honestly, however, Aldi probably has a duty to take care that things do not get out of control as they do. They should have had more staff this morning and make people line up instead of being free for everyone,” said one frustrated mother.

“Then they could have calmly asked people” what size / style “and they had delivered them. That way they are still the first in the first service, but not enough to cause injury / fear.”

An Aldi Australia spokesman told that his customer service department had not received any complaints of antisocial behavior due to yesterday’s special purchases.

But the supermarket chain encouraged those who wish to report any “disrespectful behavior” to contact their store manager or customer service.

“We do not tolerate any form of abusive behavior in our stores. We encourage our clients to respect each other and our employees, ”said the spokesman.

“Throughout the year there may be much requested products that generate a lot of interest from our buyers.

“It is never our intention to cause disappointment to our customers. We plan and allocate sufficient stocks for the sales period based on the sales of the previous year and the anticipated demand of the customers. “

Although many complained, a few said their stores had been “completely silent” and turned to Facebook and Instagram to show the bargains they had managed to score.

“Ours was busy, but everything was very clean and tidy. Mothers help other mothers find sizes in containers, ”a mother wrote on Facebook.

“I have never seen what he has described for special purchases, but again we have 18 Aldis in an area of ​​10 square kilometers, so we have many options.”

“Thanks Aldi, my daughter is ready to go to school and for less than $ 100. A very happy girl,” another mother shared, posting a picture of her school tour in Aldi on Facebook.

Others went to Instagram to share their purchases and were delighted to have caught some of Aldi’s school supplies.

It is not the first time that Aldi’s special purchases have caused a frenzy.

Last December, shoppers were furious after “wild” buyers “liquidated” in minutes the $ 30 skin caviar gift sets.

Similar frenzies have been produced in Aldi’s $ 199 rocking chair, which has proved a success among mothers.

The back to school range is available at Aldi stores nationwide, while supplies last.


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