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The price of the euro on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 banks and the black market in Egypt now

The price of the euro today in Egypt, the continued coverage of the euro price today through the immediate follow-up of the team at the Egypt 365 site, where we offer you a detailed bulletin on the price of the euro through this article, Tuesday April 9, 2019 against the pound on the black market and Egyptian banks, The euro is one of the most important and widely used international currencies after the US dollar, due to the use of the euro by 26 European countries as the main currency.

Update to get the euro-euro price in all banks and the black market in Egypt, to reach us via Google Search for the word & # 39; Euro 365 price & # 39 ;.


The price of the euro today

Highest price to buy:

Abu Dhabi Bank

Regarding the price of the euro Black market He registered £ 19.46 to purchase for £ 19.54 for sale.

Today's euro rate at banks: a 24-hour update.

  • Note: you can continue with automatic updates every 5 minutes from the banks' websites via Misr365.Net , To go from Google Type – Euro 365 price.


The price of the euro now

Like a bank Purchase price Selling price
Egypt-Iran Development 19.3270 19.5980
Bank of Abu Dhabi 19.3790 19.5420
Egyptian-Gulf Bank 19.3670 19.5510
National Bank 19.3500 19,5200
Al-Baraka Bank 19.2820 18.5880
Bank of Alexandria 19.3530 19.5420
Arab-African bank 19.3610 19.5310
Central bank 19.3700 19.5210
Bank of Egypt 19.3500 19,5200
Bank-Blum-Egypt 19.3610 19.5310
Credit Agricole 19.3730 19.5420
Bank construction and housing 19.3410 19.6320
Bank Piraeus 19.3730 19.5420
Suez Canal Bank 19.3670 19.5420
United Bank 19.3640 19.5490
Commercial International Bank 19.3500 19,5200
Egyptian – for development – import 19.3670 19.5420
Bank Mashreq 19.3730 19.5420
Arab-International Bank 19.4010 19.5380
HSBC Bank 19.3600 19.5400
Bank Sayb 19.3900 19.5600
Bank Audi 19.3670 19.5420
National bank of Greece 19.3560 19.5310

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Factors that influence the prices of the euro

Stability in the budgetary policy of the ECB, in particular in terms of interest rates, supports the EU currency, but the weak political stability of the EU must be taken into account, especially by the Italian government, whose agenda is different from the EU agenda.

On the other hand, the Green Paper may show some decline, especially following the latest developments in the US-China trade war, which culminated in the policies and decisions of US President Donald Trump who imposed new rates on China. The chances of a trade agreement that leaves the door open for negotiations.



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