The peso has a red Thursday dragged by Argentine and Turkish currencies


– 8:30 – 30/08/2018
– Updated: 15:25 – 08/30/18

  • The dollar again exceeds 19.50 in banks

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This Thursday investors sought refuge in the dollar before the significant fall of the Argentine peso and the Turkish lira, which led the peso to close the day with a write-off of 1.06% against the US dollar, equal to 20 cents to quote at 19.15 hours per dollar.

In the case of bank clerks, the dollar fluctuates between 19.40 and 19.55 pesos in sales.

The Argentine peso lost 10% during the day, reached an all-time low and reached a low point amid the general weakness of Latin American currency, a day after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called for a stronger monetary and fiscal policy as response to the collapse of the peso, which so far has lost 52.2% of its value against the dollar so far this year.

The Turkish lira depreciated 4.1% to 6.7340 lire per dollar, on the basis of speculation that the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Turkey intends to resign.

"The parity of the peso against the dollar continues to show high volatility," Santander said in a report. The above in an environment of depreciation of emerging currencies, but at the same time with positive expectations of a trilateral trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The oil price continues yesterday. Brent rises 0.50% to $ 77.85 a barrel, while WTI rises to $ 70.15 a barrel, with an advance of 0.91%. The dollar index increased by 0.07% to 94.67.

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