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The owner: AvtoMedia: VladTime told about the annoying problem of the UAZ "Patriot" 2019

Domestic motorist continues to share with the public content of the functions and problems of the Ulyanovsk SUV.

The day before the owner of the 2019 SUV UAZ Patriot spoke on his YouTube channel Dmitry Flegant about the annoying problem of the car, which had been previously identified but has not been resolved. According to the author, "the farther away the Patriot is, the worse it is," because revolutions "jump into the car" in stationary.

The problem is noticeable, both in the sound of the engine and in terms of the rev counter. The engine of a car after start-up works as if the driver podgazovyvatsya is running a bit at idle speed. The author's video shows that a few minutes after the engine started, the "check" on the instrument panel was set on fire and the speed stabilized. In this case, the driver noted that the "check" was working for the first time. Along with the problems described, the motor vibrations in the cabin are palpable.

Indicate that the narrator's car has covered 21,650 km. With the problem outlined above, the motorist has already approached the dealer. The officials checked the compression of the engine of an SUV, which turned out to be normal. The valve was also cleaned in the car and the air leaks checked. In addition, the car made a reset adjustment, whereby the wires of the coils and plugs were replaced. Sensors are all checked. And despite all these activities, the problem of taking turns remained at rest.

The author said he reported to the dealer again to continue looking for the cause of the failure. The motorist also noted that if someone from the "uazovods" encountered a similar problem, it is necessary to jointly require the manufacturer to repair the defect.

Ivan Golovin



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