Home business The last euro price on the Egyptian markets

The last euro price on the Egyptian markets

The euro market opened today with stability at previous levels and weak trading in many places
A slight decrease in the price of the euro in morning trading and stability in the evening included:
Buy 21.05 EGP and sale price 21.00 EGP

The price of the euro today in Egyptian banks
Highest price to buy: 20.69
Arab International Banking Company
Lowest price for sale: 20.63
Agricultural Bank of Egypt
Buy Sales Rate Last Sale since
Arab international bank company 20.69 20.85 one month
HSBC 20.69 20.85 13 hours
Central Bank of Egypt 20.66 20.78 One day
Arab International Bank 20.62 20.77 days
Egyptian Arab land bank 20.60 20.84 one day
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 20.59 20.78 days
Bank Audi 20.59 20.83 One day
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus) 20.59 20.83 One day
Egyptian Golf Bank 20.59 20.84 a day
BLOM BANK 20.58 20.72 48 minutes
Arab Investment Bank AIB 20.58 20.83 One day
Export Development Bank of Egypt 20.58 20.78 days
National Bank of Greece 20.58 20.78 days
Bank Misr Iran Development 20.58 20.84 Two days
Mashreqbank 20.58 20.78 One day
United Bank 20.58 20.78 days
Suez Canal Bank 20.58 20.79 One day
Bank of Cairo 20.58 20.78 days
Commercial International Bank (CIB) 20.58 20.83 A day
Arab African International Bank 20.56 20.82 A day
Al Baraka Bank 20.56 20.88 One day
Bank of Alexandria 20.56 20.76 one day
National Bank of Kuwait NBK 20.55 20.81 one day
Housing & Development Bank 20.50 20.89 a day
Bank of Egypt 20.49 20.70 days
National Bank of Egypt 20.48 20.74 one day
Credit Agricole 20.42 20.66 in a day
Arab bank
Agricultural Bank of Egypt 20.39 20.63 Two days
Euro expectations for the next period
The euro is expected to return for the following reasons:

The dollar will rise again in the medium term after specific US government measures to improve the economy.
The Sterling returned to recover after the shock of the British exit from the European Union and the economy recovered.
The decline of the euro price on the Egyptian market to the expectations of the experts for the gradual recovery of the economy, and thus restores the pound against the other currencies.
The last price of a dollar on the Egyptian market

Finally, thank you for the visitors and followers of the East Times website, and we promise to offer you everything that is new and important from all reliable news sources. We quoted the last price of the euro on Saturday (13/10/2018) About the validity of the news or not.
Source: Arab Home


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