The first electric car from Porsche sets a new record at the Nürburgring


A pre-production version of the first Porsche electric car – Taycan – set a new record for four-door electric cars on the famous Nürburgring motorway.

The pre-production Taycan, powered by test pilot Lars Kern, drove on The 20.6 kilometer long Noordlus in seven minutes and 42 seconds. As indicated, this is the best result for four-door electric cars (but in principle not the best for electric cars & # 39; s; the fastest all-electric car on the Nurburgring was the Volkswagen ID R sport prototype, which drove 5,336 seconds in six minutes).

Porsche is preparing to present Taycan in September. As expected, the car receives two electric motors with a total of more than 600 hp and a power reserve of approximately 500 kilometers.

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