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The electricity tariff for electricity from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Inquire about the electricity bill Saudi Electricity Company SAUDI ELECRICITY COMPANY SAUDI ELECTRICITY COMPANY Inquire about the electricity bill, Via the official website of the electricity company, a step towards the automation of all services provided by the state to the Saudi citizen, and the electronic invoice will be a substitute for paper invoices, a step in the efforts of the Kingdom to to provide the best services to Saudi citizens, and began implementing the program and electronic invoicing From January last year, in execution of a royal decree. The Saudi electricity company has launched the official link to inquire about the electricity bill, to immediately know the value of the monthly consumption.

To know the value of the monthly electricity consumption via the following link:

Link to the official electricity bill.

Electronic invoice service

Provides an additional service monthly access to electricity invoices with which the subscriber:

  1. Receive periodic notifications when the invoice is issued.
  2. By the date of separation of the service in case of non-payment.
  3. Notification of receipt of invoice payment.

Inquire about the electricity bill

Inquire about the electricity bill

Inquire about the electricity bill

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Electricity Company Over the past period prices have increased, the Saudi electricity company and the electricity and cogeneration organization have gradually announced the details of the increase in energy product prices, including the change in the rate that will be applied from 1 January 2018, and confirmed Saudi electricity company to raise prices Announced that this step and this price increase aims to increase economic efficiency, as well as the contribution of non-oil sectors as a sustainable engine for economic development, and to rationalize the consumption and sustainability of natural resources and energy products for future generations.

The new price list for electricity in Saudi Arabia as announced by Saudi Electricity Company

Consumption category slice rate
Agricultural institutions and charities, etc. Consumption segments 6000 kWh / month 16 halal / kWh

In the case of higher consumption of more than 6000 kW, the rate is 20 halal.

Private health facilities, institutions, institutes and private schools All chip segments are standardized consumption 21 halal / kWh
Industrial consumption All chip segments are standardized consumption 18 halal / kWh
Government consumption All chip segments are standardized consumption 32 halalas / kWh

Video of the calculation of consumption in the new electricity tariff after reducing the number of segments of consumption from 4 segments to two segments.

In this respect, the TRA confirms that it follows the commitment of the licensees to activate the decision and that the Consumer Care Department of the Authority receives all complaints and comments about the free number 8001259000, as well as other communication channels: [email protected], Website www.ecra.gov.sa Twitter @saudi_ECRA.

Abdullah Al – Shihri, governor of the electricity authority

Dr. Abdullah Al-Shehri, the governor of the Saudi Electricity and Dual Production Authority, said that the additional revenues from the changes in the energy tariff are estimated at 14 billion riyals ($ 3.7 billion) per year, noting that this rate is a year is valid and will be revised later in the light of the changes in Fuel Prices.
Al-Shihri added that the Saudi electricity company and the water and electricity facilities in Jubail and Yanbu are ready to apply the new tariff from the beginning of the year. He pointed out that the rate of increase of pregnancy in 2017 was about 3% compared to last year.
The regulator for electricity and cogeneration has announced its plan to gradually adjust the prices of energy products, including the change in the electricity tariff, which will be applied from 1 January.
The new changes will increase economic efficiency, allow the non-oil sectors to contribute to the sustainable development movement, rationalize the consumption of natural resources and energy products for future generations and increase the efficiency of state aid by maximizing its benefits. and to orientate it with its citizens. .
The electricity and cogeneration authority noted that the approved tariff will cover the costs of the service and will ensure the availability of electricity in all Saudi regions, as well as the contribution to improving services, increasing productivity, opening up of the competition and diversification of sources. In order to implement the cabinet's decision, the billing system must be adjusted accordingly.

Inquire about the electronic electricity bill and compare the price increase with the electricity tariff

Total consumption (KWW / month) The value of the invoice before the rate in riyals The value of the invoice after the rate in riyals
1000 50 180
2000 100 360
3000 200 540
4000 300 720
5000 500 900
6000 700 1080
7000 1000 1380
8000 1300 1680
9000 1600 1980
10000 1900 2280

It is worth noting that the planned date for the issuance of electricity bills for the current month will start on Wednesday 28 February, after working to unify the date of issuance of electricity bills, and by Official link of the Saudi electricity company, All subscribers can inquire about the electricity bill for February as soon as they have downloaded the link.

Inquire about the electricity bill and the consumption rate

The decision of the Council of Ministers concerning the application of a new user tariff for all categories of subscribers, which will be implemented as of 2018/1/1 as follows:

Consumer segments (kWh / month)


(Halala / KWS)


(Halala / KWS)

Agricultural development

Good causes, and so on

(Halala / KWS)


(Halala / KWS)


(Halala / KWS)

Private health facilities, institutions and private schools and schools

(Halala / KWS)

1 – 6000 18 20 16




More than 6000 30 30 20

Unusual energy consumption

1. Any consumer of electricity classified as industrial, governmental or commercial consumption and whose contractual load is more than 1 MVA (1 MVA) The minimum power factor is 0.90.

2. An inactive energy consumption rate of (5) stops per additional kV when the monthly consumption of inactive energy exceeds 48.4% of the active energy consumption (equivalent to a power factor of less than 0.90).

3. The minimum allowable labor factor (0.95) is ten years from the date of publication of the decision.

Monthly meter fees

The company will receive fixed amounts per month that are proportional to the capacity of the composite cutter at the subscriber in exchange for reading and maintaining the meter and preparing the invoice according to the following table:

Mass cutting capacity


Set meter reading and maintenance rates and billing


20 سعة Cutting capacity 10
100 سعة cutting capacity 15
200 سعة cutting capacity 21
300 سعة Cutting capacity 22
400 25
More than 400 30
Payment methods

We always strive to upgrade our services to offer you the best comfort and comfort. The invoice payment service is one of the services we are trying to develop, to save you time and effort, so you can pay by any electronic means that the bank you offer:

The electricity tariff for electricity from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone Banking:

If you are subscribed to your bank's bank service.

The electricity tariff for electricity from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Using your bank's ATMs or using the bank's cash payment equipment.

The electricity tariff for electricity from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Go to your bank's website.

The electricity tariff for electricity from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bank delegation:
By giving your bank permission to deduct the invoice value from your account Straight away.

The electricity tariff for electricity from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Certified bank checks can be accepted for the payment of consumption accounts.

The electricity tariff for electricity from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sales points:
The bill can be paid through the points of sale available at the customer service offices.

Violations of and tampering with the facilities of the stations or their networks to facilitate the use of others and their services in an illegal manner

violation The upper limit of the fine
Facilitate others to illegally use the services of power plants or their networks SR 2,000

Violation of infringements in electrical cables

violation The upper limit of the fine
Infringement on the site of power lines SR 50,000


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How to complain about the value of the electricity bill

In case of a complaint from the subscriber about the value of the invoice and the service offered by the Saudi electricity company, this is done via the following link: Link to file a complaint You can also call the Customer Service Center at: 920,0011 million euros.

When a maintenance requester, either in a dwelling or in a non-residential building, requires electricity from a low-voltage network and has made all necessary preparations, this service must be delivered within forty (40) working days. In the case of connection requests for which work is required on the medium-voltage grid or higher, the minimum duration of the secured standard is agreed between the Saudi electricity company and the service provider.

The rights of the participants and the applicants for services are the rights and criteria governing the relationship between the Saudi electricity company and the subscriber, which must be adhered to in order to guarantee the quality of the service provided and the time of implementation. These standards also guarantee a minimum level of services provided and the Saudi electricity company pays the subscriber a fee in case of non-compliance.

If the consumer is separated from the electricity because he has not paid the invoice due, pays the required amount or enters into an agreement with the service provider to pay the debt, and meets all reasonable requirements set by the service provider, the electricity must be will be refunded to him.

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